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How We’re Celebrating Pride Month

Aspen Gay Ski Week is one of the oldest week-long ski events in the country. This season’s event begins January 15, 2023. PHOTO: Aspen Gay Ski Week, Flickr

June is Pride Month

We love skiing’s heritage. We also acknowledge that historically ours has not exactly been the most inclusive industry. Within skiing’s culture, one can observe certain patterns that have made our sport feel inaccessible or off-limits to low-income families, newbies, women, BIPOC, and—the LGBTQ community.

Yeah, skiing can sometimes feel like the domain of straight, white men.

Considering that we try to be a ski brand based around inclusivity, with Skiing for All as our mantra, we hope to encourage diversity in the mountains and in our sport.

What We’re Doing

To kick off Pride Month, we’re dropping some new merch. A portion of total sales from each item below will be donated to LGBT+ Outdoors. We’ll continue that donation beyond Pride Month until we sell out of the items.

We will follow this up with a midwinter (busy season) donation that takes the form of one of our 7% days.

Skiing is for Lovers Tee

Just like skiing, the history of tie-dye runs deeper than you may think. Skiing didn’t originate in Vail or Vermont. Tie-dye existed long before the 1960s. While our favorite activity can be tracked all the way back to 6000 BC, tie-dyed clothing traces its roots to 6th-century Eastern Asia. So it’s safe to say that when you blend these two art forms, you’re actually joining two mainstays of humanity. Also like skiing, tie-dye today is steeped in self-expression and togetherness. See someone skiing in tie-dye, and nine times out of ten, they’re going to make you feel the love—for the mountains, for snow, and for each other, man. Shop

Freerider Flask

About: Your firewater needs a mountain-worthy vessel, and the Freerider Flask is it. The Freerider Flask makes every ski tour, lift ride, and aprés sesh warmer and happier. It’s also one of the best gift items we’ve ever carried. We don’t recommend skiing under the influence, but warming your soul and loosening up those hips with a quick nip only makes a day in the mountains better. Small enough to seamlessly slip into a jacket pocket, yet big enough for you to offer your liquid courage to your buddies, partner, or insignificant other, the Freerider Flask is built for every adventure. Shop

Heritage Five-Panel Hat

About: As skiers, our heritage and our destiny are tied to frozen crystals falling from the sky. Crazy, right, that together millions of tiny snowflakes can bring us euphoria and purpose? That’s the magic of skiing. It’s no wonder, then, that our name and our logo both salute snow. So does our Heritage Five-Panel hat. Comfortable, lightweight, and brimming with understated mountain style, the Heritage wants to be your dress hat, your semi-casual hat, or your beater hat. That’s why we made three colors. Well, that and we’re super indecisive. The perfect lid for most occasions, it reminds the world around you that you are a fickle, hopeful, passionate, and downright awesome human being. Shop

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