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How to Ski Cliffs with Owen Leeper

Powder7 athlete Owen Leeper (@o_leeps) explains how to ski cliffs…and how to move on to bigger airs.

Watch Owen go huge 

How to Ski Cliffs: The Quick Guide

1) Start small and work your way up. Find a good cliff to start out on, a few feet high.

2) Check out the landing, and check out the takeoff. Make sure there is enough snow and a downhill landing, along with a smooth takeoff.

3) Ski toward the cliff at about 5-10 mph with your skis shoulder width apart and your knees bent.

4) Pop slightly on your takeoff by extending your legs.

5) Keep your hands forward and your knees bent.

6) Try to match the angle of the landing with your skis.

7) Land confidently with speed and go cheers your friends.

Kick it up a notch, and learn how to backflip on skis.


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