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Faction Skis 2023 Preview

Faction Skis 2023: The First Look

Slowly rumbling in the background of the freeride world, Faction skis continue to impress. Take a look at this year’s Freeride World Tour competition—plenty of athletes can be seen riding one of their many freeride models. Not to mention, Roots, one of the most rad ski films this year, highlights Faction’s athletes in all their respective specialties. Things are only getting hotter for Faction in 2023.

faction prodigy skis 2023
The neon DeLorean of the Prodigy 3.

What’s New

The biggest news from Faction skis in 2023 is the expansion of the La Machine. The La Machine shook up the powder scene in 2020 as a massive, light weight, fully rockered powder ski. Hitting just under 2000 grams per ski at 126mm underfoot is pretty impressive.

For 2023, we now have a whole bunch of La Machines to play with. The La Machine Mega serves as a more palatable, daily driver in the backcountry at 109mm underfoot. The Mini and Micro (99mm and 91mm respectively), serve as sweet options for navigating spring corn. The original La Machine becomes the La Machine Max.

faction la machine skis 2023
The La Machines are happy with light weight tech bindings and hybrid styles.

After the news of Candide Thovex leaving the Faction family, the ski world wondered what would happen to the legendary namesake Faction ski. Enter: the Mana. Essentially the same construction as the former Candide, the Manas offer a twin tip shape and killer downhill performance. The fully rockered Mana 4 in particular carries the exact same stated weight as the La Machine Max, but in a slightly trimmer package and stiffer flex. The Manas include the Mana 2, Mana 2X, Mana 3 and 3x, and the Mana 4.

faction mana skis 2023
The new Mana top sheets are delectably minimalist.

Faction made quite the commitment to sustainability this year. They now use bio based resin and sustainable wood cores in all their skis. You’ll find that many of them also are produced in their factory powered 100% by renewable energy, as well as locally sourced materials, which cuts transportation emissions.

Other Highlights

The former Dictator series becomes the Dancer, with a name and graphic update but no internal changes. While it is a more delicate sounding name, think of the dancers that could probably kick your butt with leg strength. The Dancers pack the same punch.

faction dancer skis 2023
The Dancer 4 is described by Faction as a “big mountain metal maestro”.

The Agent and Prodigy series return unchanged in name and internally, just with fresh top sheet art. For the Prodigys, already known for having creative and cool art, these could be the best yet.

faction prodigy skis 2023
The neon light designs of the Prodigy Xs are contrasted with a mostly purple top sheet, making these look particularly sick.

As with previous years, Faction carries both a unisex line, and a “women’s” line (noted with an X in the model name). The women’s collection just feature alternate top sheet art and shorter sizing, with no internal differences.

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