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Armada Skis 2023 Preview

Armada Skis 2023: First Look

Locate the snow.

Traditionally, when you say Armada skis, twin tips and park laps come to mind. While they’ve shown they can do much more than that with the directional, all-mountain Declivity and Reliance series, Armada still comes out swinging with several new skis that have pretty specific purposes.

armada locator skis 2023
We love the slimmed down, minimalist look on the Locators.

What’s New for Armada Skis

For 2023, Armada releases an entirely new collection of skis: the Locator. The four skis come in unisex sizing and designed to be used exclusively for touring. Replacing the hybrid style Tracer collection, the Locators dial in on uphill efficiency with a lighter weight. At the same time, they maintain that stable downhill performance. With the motto, “further, not faster”, Armada is hoping you’ll use the lighter weight to explore your zone, not necessarily set records. It’s about the experience after all.

The Locator 88 prioritizes locked in edge hold for icy descents and tight terrain, while the 96, 104, and 112 offer more float and maneuverability with more rocker and freeride shapes. With the 104 clicking in at 2850 grams (178cm) for the pair, this can be a truly feathery set up.

armada locator and zero series skis 2023
The new Armada Locator skis and two new additions to the athlete inspired Zero Series.

A part of their athlete inspired Zero Series, Armada brings back an old classic with the ARG II UL. A massive powder ski with a reverse sidecut shape (the widest point at the waist width, rather than the tip), the old ARG upgrades to Armada’s classic light weight Caruba core to save your knees. Armada describes this as a no compromise powder ski, and with its surfy profile and

Another new addition to the Zero Series is the Short Pants Paradox. What could a ski with a name like that possibly be, you might ask? A big mountain tool for lighter and smaller framed riders, coming in shorter sizes. The big turn radius and stiffer construction allows you to finally charge that fall line with confidence. Ideal for junior freeriders exploring the comp scene, the Short Pants Paradox takes a position in the ski market that no one really has yet.

armada zero series skis 2023
The new ARG II UL on the left, SPP on the right, and unchanged ARB 116 JJ UL and Stranger. The whole Zero Series gets a clean, blacked-out look on top, with bright colored bases for 2023.

Other Highlights

The ARV, ARW, and Declivity series returned unchanged on the inside, but feature stellar new art. The Reliance (ladies version of the Declivity) stays the exact same as last year.

armada arv series skis 2023
The new Armada ARV series art, with the 116 on the left, 106, 96, and 86.

The rest of the Armada collection, like the BDOG, Edollo, and other Zero Series skis hit the new season with fresh art, but no construction changes. Why mess with a good thing?

Take a peek at all the other gear, new and returning for the 2023 season.


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