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Kore Concepts

Offered on the men’s side in 93, 99, 105, and 117 versions, the formidable Kore is going to also be available in women’s versions (93 and 99) for next year. Don’t worry, ladies—these are the same Kores but with more sizes and a slightly more forward recommended mount point. The other Kores will also be offered in shorter sizes, opening the line up to more skiers. Also important in the 2020 Head skis lineup: the revered Supershapes get fresh paint jobs but no other changes.

2020 head skis
If you wait too long into the season, you run the risk of missing out on getting a Kore. That’s how popular they’ve been the last couple seasons.

On the boot side, Head carries its Kore momentum into the freeride touring market with the Kore 1 and Kore 2 models.

2020 head skis
The Kore name also covers some worthy freeride boots, available in 130 and 120 flexes.

The Highlights

  • Supershape topsheets change, but the skis stay the same.
  • The Kore 99, 105, and 117 will be offered in more sizes.
  • The Kore W, in 93 and 99 versions, bring the line to the women’s side, replacing the old Wild Joy and Great Joy.
  • The popular Joy series: Rebuilt with LYT Tech, including Karuba, Graphene, carbon, and wood. Engineered to be light and confidence-inspiring.
  • Light, graphene-infused boots are offered in the Kore and LYT collections, with the addition of a new Edge LYT 130 high-performance boot.
  • New Monster 83X ski.
2020 head skis
The famed Head Supershapes define the “beer league race ski” category.