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Read our preview of 2021 Nordica skis and boots

Enforcer Takeover

When you have one of the industry’s bestselling and most popular skis in your pocket, why switch things up? That’s been Nordica’s M.O. for a few years now. And guess what? It still is. Only now, the 2020 Nordica skis lineup features even more Enforcers, including a slightly rebuilt freeride-oriented version.

Read our review of the all-new 2020 Nordica Enforcer 104 Free

2020 nordica skis
More Enforcers! The Enforcer Free line includes the 104, 110 and 115; the Enforcer line features the classic 100 and 93, along with an all-new 88.

In addition to splitting the Enforcer into two lines with two fresh models, Nordica removes the Navigator 90 and retains the 80 and 85 as more on-piste oriented skis with many Enforcer properties.

2020 nordica skis
There are other worthy skis in the Nordica lineup beyond the Enforcer…

The Highlights

  • Enforcer 104 Free: Balsa in the core and a carbon layup to lighten the skis up plus more tipped tails and longer rocker. That addition of balsa matches the Santa Anas on the women’s side.
  • Enforcer 110 Free and 115 Free get more rocker for 2020.
  • All-new Enforcer 88, matching the construction of the 93 and 100.
  • All-new Santa Ana 88 on the women’s side, which profiles as the perfect East Coast ski.
  • Tech fittings added to all the Strider boots, plus more forward lean, Grip Walk, and the Speedmachine lower.
2020 nordica skis
For as popular as the Enforcer is on the men’s side, the Santa Ana matches it on the women’s.