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A Blizzard of Color

The 2020 Blizzard skis lineup doesn’t feature any massive changes, outside of a redesign to the Zero G backcountry ski series. There are a couple minor tweaks, like thicker wood in the Rustler 10, and a couple subtle additions, like the Brahma 82 and Black Pearl 82. But the flashiest update is the collection-wide color-pop (even the blacked-out Spur has pink sidewalls!), which includes a redesign of the crazy-popular Black Pearl’s graphics.

2020 blizzard skis
The Black Pearl series (right) includes models with waist widths of 78, 82, 88, and 98.

As for that Zero G redesign, Blizzard pulled off a couple cool things. One, they dropped the weight by 20% of an already very light collection of skis. And two, they added more playfulness and more stability by employing 3D carbon, cutting some rocker, and updating the tip shape to make the skis less grabby. The three skis (105mm, 95mm, and 85mm) all get new skin clips to go with their new profiles.

2020 blizzard skis
The old Zero Gs were some of the lightest alpine touring skis on the market. Now they’re lighter, with improved skiability.

The Highlights

  • New topsheets throughout the collection.
  • Thicker wood core in the Rustler 10 for improved beefiness and strength.
  • New Firebird HRC, a hybrid of a slalom and downhill frontside ripper.
  • All-new Brahma 82 and Black Pearl 82.
  • Redesigned Zero G 85, 95, and 105. More playful with redesigned tip shape and rocker profile, plus 20% lighter and less grabby with new skin clips.
2020 blizzard skis
The popular Rustler series gets flashier topsheets, and the 10 (middle) gets thicker wood in the core.


2020 blizzard skis
The rodeo skis are still unchanged (outside of new paint jobs, of course), but they welcome a new ski: the Brahma 82 (third from right).