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The Blackout Shift

Since becoming part of Amer Sports two years ago, joining Salomon and Atomic, Armada has maintained its unique brand identity. 2020 Armada skis and gear continue to do so (seriously…they’ve got an edgeless urban rail ski in the lineup…), but with one major exception.

2020 armada skis
The Armada Shift mounted on the newly rebuilt Tracer 108.

The Shift binding, released this season by Salomon and Atomic, gets tagged with an Armada logo and painted all-black for 2020. So for next season, customers get the industry’s most popular binding with three color options—and a slew of skis that would be great matches. In the Armada lineup, the Tracer series (which gets a new core for 2020) and the ARV JJ 116 Ultralite are prime skis to be paired with a Shift.

2020 armada skis
The Armada ARV JJ Ultralite is a legit lightweight freeride ski.

The Highlights

  • Fresh topsheets for the ARV and ARW lines.
  • ARV JJ 116 Ultralite: Karuba wood, lightweight freeride ski.
  • Tracer/Trace: Up to 15% lighter with all-new Karuba core with poplar stringers. Better torsional rigidity (thanks to Adaptive Mesh) with a more consistent flex.
  • Re-introduction of the famed ARW 116 VJJ ski, built to match the men’s ARV 116.
  • Armada-branded all-black Shift binding.
  • Fresh topsheets for the Victa series and the twin-tips: Magic J, Edollo, and BDOG.
2020 armada skis
A true powder ski for women! The ARW 116 VJJ (far left) returns for 2020.