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Liberty Skis 2021 Preview

Liberty Skis 2021: The First Look


liberty skis 2021
For 2021, Liberty expands its all-mountain-crushing Evolv series.

As a fellow Colorado company, Liberty always seems to make skis that just jive with western skiing. We have long been fans of the men’s Origin series, especially the 96 and 106. They hold up at high speeds in choppy backbowls, surf fresh powder, and carve great for early, late, or dry-season shredding. As an added bonus, they always dress well for the occasion.

Over the last few years, Liberty has been tinkering with the construction of its frontside and all-mountain skis. To that end, they rolled out VMT technology with the release of their V-Series two years ago. The gist? Vertical metal struts (much less common than the typical horizontal metal) in the core of the skis work with carbon stringers to provide dampness, power, and stability at surprisingly low weights. That construction defines the VMT core in the men’s skis and the VMT women’s core in the women’s. The only difference is the addition of lightweight paulownia on the women’s side.

Then last year, Liberty rolled out a tweaked version of that construction in two brand-new all-mountain skis and called them the evolv series. With new sidewalls and wider waist widths, they shredded. So for 2021, Liberty, well, evolvs the line even further with two more men’s versions and a new women’s line.

After all that fiddling, Liberty lands in a great spot. Their four collections are easy to understand for skiers with abundant and often confusing choices. And we know they ski great.

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liberty skis 2021
Same old time-tested construction and new paint for the men’s Origin series in 2021.

What’s New

Two more models in the men’s evolv series: evolv 84 and evolv 110. Like the evolv 90 and 100, they feature the evolv VMT core technology Liberty unveiled with its V-series two years ago.

Two new models in the women’s range: evolv 84w and evolv 90w. Like the men’s skis, the women’s evolv skis feature evolv VMT core technology. The construction is slightly different on the women’s side, adding lightweight paulownia to the wood core.

The Transfer becomes the Helix 88.

Skis in the twin tip range (Helix) feature new sidewalls to make them more damp and smoother. They also get full carbon race bases. And, naturally…new paint!

liberty skis 2021
The Helix collection looks great for 2021, and it gets some solid updates: race bases and better sidewalls.

Other Highlights

New topsheets for the men’s Origin series and the women’s Genesis series.

New topsheets for the V-Series skis on the men’s and women’s sides.

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