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Storm Riding

During our first full year of carrying Stockli, it didn’t take long for the skis to make an impression on us. They’re fast, well-built, and way too much fun. A couple skis turned our heads at 2019 Outdoor Retailer. For one, the Stormriders change a bit in the lineup of 2020 Stockli skis. The new 95 and 105 are slightly softer and lighter than their predecessors, with thinner metal. The result could be more play and better handling without compromising bomber grip.

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2020 stockli skis
The new Stormrider 95 and 105 should be a bit lighter and a bit more playful than previous versions.

A new ski fits into the trending “lightweight freeride” category: the Edge 100 Tour.

2020 stockli skis
The Stormriders, with the 88 Tour and the new Edge 100 Tour on the left.

Here at the shop, we love the Laser AX as a beer league race ski. In fact it’s one of the most fun frontside rippers we’ve ever skied. So when Stockli mentioned a new ski that blends its performance and specs with those of the Stormriders, we got a little giddy.

2020 stockli skis
The new AR Laser (left) comes in at 83mm underfoot and blends the Stormrider with the Laser AX.

The Highlights

  • All-new AR Laser: Nose of the Stormrider, tail of the Laser AX, plus slight rocker. 83mm underfoot.
  • Redesigned Stormrider 95 and Stormrider 105. Lighter and a little softer with thinner metal.
  • New Edge 100 Tour: lightweight freeride ski.
2020 stockli skis
Stockli skis look fast. And they ski fast.