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After using our old logo for nearly a decade, we’re excited to launch an updated logo today! It’s been a long time in the making, something we’ve been working toward for 2 years. We have a strong attachment to our old logo, which itself morphed slightly over the years. My sister-in-law sketched it on a napkin back in 2009, I tweaked it in Adobe Illustrator, and voila!

You can hear me wax poetic—and get all emotional—about our beloved original logo in the below Facebook Live video from November 14th, when we announced the winner of our logo design contest.

Why the new logo?

Our business has evolved over the years. We wanted something that truly fits our values and reflects who we are. We were drawn to the snowflake symbol because it’s the universal icon for winter, and speaks to who we are in a way that mountains alone can’t quite capture. We’re outspoken advocates for the fight on climate change, we live winter every day of the year, and we’re all about the joy that comes from snow.

Is anything else changing?

Nope! It’s still us: same owners (Jordan and me), same amazing staff, same ridiculously huge selection of ski gear at all price points. Now, more than ever, we’re about skiing for all—making our favorite sport accessible to as many people as possible.

Matt Brozovich grew up skiing in Colorado. Now he’s getting seven new pairs of skis for redesigning our logo.

How do I get a sticker?

Stickers will ship in every order, or you can pop into our store in Golden to grab some. You can even email us with your address, and we’ll send you a few for free. We’re also getting in loads of new swag with the new logo, so keep checking this page.

Stickers for all, and all for stickers!

Who designed your new logo?

Matt Brozovich, from BrozKnows. He won our logo contest that ran from August through October of 2018. He’s a Denver native, and does great work (obviously). You can visit the website for his Denver-based design firm here.

logo sketch
Matt’s first sketches of the new logo, and a bonus rendition (in color) by his young daughter.