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How to Ski Powder with Owen Leeper

Make the Deep Days Better

Powder7 athlete and professional big-mountain skier Owen Leeper (@o_leeps) knows a thing or two about skiing powder. We asked him for some tips to help you raise your game and your stoke.

How to Ski Powder

Get some fat skis. If you’re skiing deep snow, you’ll want skis at least 100mm wide. Shop powder skis.

Don’t lean back. Attack the fall line with your shins in the front of your boots and your weight forward.

Hit the throttle. Speed is key. The faster you go, the easier it will be to make turns and keep from getting stuck.

Turn with your legs, rather than edging like you would on groomed runs.

Make big, sweeping turns. In deep snow, it’s easier to get caught up if you make many short, radius turns.

Enjoy. It’s time to send it.

Next up, learn how to drop cliffs on skis.


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