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2020 Majesty Skis Preview

Read our preview of 2021 Majesty skis.

Your Majesty

Wood cores and woodgrain topsheets. Handcrafted skis. Sick topsheets. A vibe that feels both premium and niche. Majesty profiles as one of those smallish brands that freeride skiers love. And the lineup of 2020 Majesty skis certainly gets us hot ‘n bothered.

2020 majesty skis
A Polish company, Majesty bases its US operation out of the Pacific Northwest.

The Dirty Bear has been probably the most recognized ski in the collection for the last few seasons, profiling as a full-camber, twin-tipped all mountain freestyle ski. Next to the Superior, the Supernova, and the all-new Rogue, it fills out an impressive collection of freeride options.

2020 majesty skis
The Freeski collection for 2020. On the left is the Supernova LTD, a directional big-mountain crusher.

The Highlights

  • Dirty Bear and Superior highlight the freeski collection of all-mountain twin tips.
  • The all-new Rogue¬†threads the needle as a 100mm-waisted ski perfect for skiing everywhere on the mountain anywhere in the West.
  • The wood-grain Destroyer and Lumberjack profile as the line’s burliest freeride skis.
  • The Supernova SL, built with carbon layup and kevlar, weighs in light enough to be a bonafide touring option but packs enough punch to profile as a lightweight freeride ski.
2020 majesty skis
The Lumberjack (second from left) boasts a topsheet that’s on our shortlist of industry favorites.


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