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Read our preview of 2021 Volkl Skis

Innovation is the Mantra

In 2019, the completely redesigned M5 Mantra hit the hill hard. Featuring Volkl’s innovative Titanal Frame, the M5 was livelier, lighter, and zippier than a YKK. It took off with advanced and expert skiers alike, so for 2020, Volkl will double down on their Titanal Frame construction. This year, Volkl has completely reimagined their freeride line: check out 2020 Volkl Skis.

2020 Volkl Skis Highlights:

  • The M5 Mantra returns untouched – but now we have the Mantra 102, a big brother to the M5. With a fatter 102mm waist, these boards are built to rip big lines. Big lines = longer turns, so Volkl gave the Mantra 102 a 3D Radius Sidecut, lending to a variety of turn shapes. The tight center turn radius provides agility and quickness, while the long tip/tail radius enhances stability.
  • The Kendo 88 marks a complete rehaul of the Kendo name. While the old Kendo had a two burly sheets of metal, the Kendo 88 shares the Mantra’s titanal frame. Like the Mantra 102, the Kendo 88 also has a 3D Radius Sidecut… so names aside, the Kendo 88 is more similar in construction to the Mantra 102 than the 96-waisted M5 Mantra. Got it?
2020 Volkl Skis
Volkl expands their Titanal Frame construction with the new Mantras and Secrets.
  • These changes all translate to women’s freeride series, the Volkl Secrets. The Secret, which debuted in 2019, will be designated the Secret 92 in 2020. There are no structural changes, but a new animal print topsheet. (And side note, each of the women’s freeride skis have subtle animal print topsheets, and it’s absolutely fabulous.) Parallel to the men’s freeride line, Volkl added the Secret 102 and a Kenja 88, both with titanal frames and 3D Radius Sidecuts.
2020 Volkl Skis
The Secret 102, Secret 92, and Kenja 88 look spicy with animal print topsheets.

More skis to look for

  • The Katana V. Werks and Mantra V. Werks are back untouched. The big news here is Marker’s new touring binding, the Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12. Like the Kingpin 13, the Kingpin M-Werks has outstanding power transmission–but now in a lighter package.
  • Both the men and women’s 90eights and 100eights are back unfussed with. If it ain’t broke…
  • Big mountain skiers, look out for the brand-new Revolt 121 for powder chasing. The remaining Revolts (95, 87, and 86) are back unchanged, untethered, and ready to slide.