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2020 Vision

Line is a brand known for fun, playful skis (minus the Supernatural, of course). So for the 2020 Line skis release, they went all-in on a pair of new models that seem to exemplify the trending “lightweight freeride” category: the Vision 98 and Vision 108. They’re light enough to be bonafide touring skis, but they profile as worthy freeride options too. With Triple Hybrid construction, they’re Line’s latest and greatest.

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2020 line skis
The all-new Line Vision 98 and 108 look pretty tasty.

But wait. There’s more. Eric Pollard releases a new ski for 2020 as well, to replace the Mordecai and the Magnum Opus: the Outline 117. It’s built with convex base technology, which allows Line to lessen the early rise and tip rocker to increase edge grip and control without sacrificing powder performance. The same tech appears in the new Sir Francis Bacon, which is also slightly wider.

2020 line skis
The all-new Outline 117 highlights this year’s Pollard line, along with a revamped Sir Francis Bacon.

The Highlights

  • New topsheets for the Sakana and Pescado.
  • Slightly updated topsheets for the Pandora series.
  • All-new Outline 117: convex base technology maximizes edge grip without sacrificing powder surf prowess.
  • Revamped Sir Francis Bacon with convex base technology and a wider waist width (107mm).
  • All-new Vision 98 and Vision 108. Lightweight with carbon stringers and a woodcore wrapped in glass plus Kevlar for dampening. Also a new hook-free sidecut. Each model hovers around 3,000 grams for the pair.
2020 line skis
Line more or less bumped up the saturation and contrast on the Pandora topsheets, but otherwise kept these awesome women’s skis the same.