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Highlights from the 2019 Rossignol skis lineup:

2019 rossignol skis experience
The new Experience 94 (far left) combines some of Rossignol’s best technology—plus abundant new features.

Improving the Experience

Rossignol’s Experience line (formerly the Temptation on the women’s side) has been one of skiing’s most popular, and best-selling, skis for several years.

In 2019, it stays true to both the brand and the line (see the weight-saving honeycomb tip) and also introduces LCT (Line Control Technology), a new Rossignol innovation born from a World Cup racing background that incorporates a metal spine from tip to tail. The goal: give the Experience a consistently smooth flex throughout and stabilize the ride.

2019 rossignol skis experience w
The women’s line, now the Experience W, incorporates all the new Experience tech along with a couple women’s-specific tweaks.

The new Experience also features a new shape, which looks decidedly more all-mountain with increased off-trail versatility. The women’s line mirrors the men’s but also cuts more weight and aims to ski smoother with less vibration.

Leave it to Rossignol to make some of the most skiable skis in skiing even more-so.

2019 rossignol skis super7 soul7 sky7
The Rossignol hype this year centers around the Experience—but people certainly won’t forget their other highly popular line, the ‘S’ models, which come back unchanged on the men’s and women’s sides.