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Highlights from the 2019 Black Crows skis lineup:

2019 black crows skis
Out of Chamonix, Black Crows has come on strong in the last two years.

Let Me Take You Higher

That’s what the sidewall reads on last year’s Camox Freebird alpine touring ski by Black Crows, and it holds some double meaning for the company—if you haven’t witnessed the Black Crows explosion at a ski resort near you, chances are you will soon.

In 2019, that Camox Freebird gets the most significant revisions in the line. It’s lighter (considerably) and stiffer. The Crows hope that translates to better variable-snow performance in the backcountry in a package that’s even easier on the ascent.

The Camox Freebird is also offered in a wider size range, making it accessible for a variety of both men and women: 160, 166, 172, 178, 183, and 188.

The burly, big-mountain ripping Corvus also features a tweak: less camber.

New Crow

The new lineup also features a fresh face: the Solis. Stiffer and heavier than its colleagues on the wider side of the line, the Solis is intended to offer reliability and stability in high-consequence, expert terrain. As a rep at Outdoor Retailer put it, “This ski is for couloirs.”