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Highlights from the 2019 Faction skis lineup:

2019 faction skis prodigy
Someone high-five the artist of the Prodigy line.

Updated Prodigy

Along with some flashy colors schemes, Faction rolls out a Prodigy line for 2019 that features more unified construction. The company basically took the tech from last year’s Prodigy 4.0 and pumped it into the narrower models in the series.

Lighter, with flax. New rocker profile, shape, and flex. At waist widths of 90, 96, 104, and 112, the Prodigy line offers burly, smooth all-mountain/big-mountain performance—a nice midpoint between the CT line and Dictators—at lower price points than the Candides.

New Candide

You’ve now got yet another option for skiing like Candide Thovex: the CT 5.0. Offered in a 183cm length, it’s a 122mm-waisted, twin-tip powder ski with a 25-meter turn radius that looks ultra tasty. Now go ski jungles, deserts, and waves on it.

2019 faction skis dictator
The Dictator lineup gives aggressive skiers a burly, crud-busting platform with great edge hold.