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The Best Father’s Day Deals for the Skier Dad

Hot Father’s Day Gifts for Skiers

He said not to procrastinate. You did it anyway. But guess what? So did everyone. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you pushed off the Father’s Day gifts.

Good news: We looked through our warehouse to find the best last-minute steals for Dad. Here are some gems:

The Ski: 2021 Kastle FX106 HP

Fathers Day Gifts: Kastle FX106 HP

It may be a couple of years old, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less rad for dad. We’re big fans of the FX series here, especially the 106. The Kastle FX106 HP is an awesomely versatile ski for the size. 106mm underfoot hits a sweet spot here in Colorado for powder hunting when the snow falls and hot laps on those days in between storms. Loaded up with carbon, the ride stays smooth and stable without being too heavy, keeping things easy on Dad’s knees. That means he gets exactly what he wants: more days on the hill without feeling like he’s aged a day. Plus, it looks like we still have some used demo options left!

From $449 | Shop

The Jacket: Flylow Albert

Fathers Day Gifts: Flylow Albert Jacket

The Flylow Albert Jacket works double time to keep you dry, while still being extra comfy. The Lux 2-layer fabric is treated with a durable water repellent, giving you an extra layer of protection from the elements and is extremely waterproof. At the same time, the fabric breathes and moves with you. Ideal for landing those perfect pole plants, chasing kiddos around, and working up a sweat. Flylow also packs in 60 grams of recycled insulation, making this one of their warmest jackets in their collection. Breathable on the way down those steamy bump runs, but warm on those slow lift rides back up the hill on stormy days. The best of both worlds.

From $269 | Shop

The Helmet: Pret Cynic X

Fathers Day Gifts: Pret Cynix X Helmet

Helmets may be a little new school, but well worth adding to the kit. We’ve got the Pret Cynic X helmet discounted right now, which makes for quite the Father’s Day steal. The Cynic X has all the features we look for in helmets; MIPS, ventilation, feels lightweight, and audio ready ear pads to play those classic rock jams. Once you’ve got all that taken care of, The only thing left to choose is the color, maybe the hardest part.

From $119 | Shop

The Goggles: Dragon NFX2

Fathers Day Gifts: Dragon NFX Goggles

The Dragon NFX2 remains one of their premium offerings for good reason. Dragon’s LumaLens are some of the best on the market — helping improve visibility and clarity no matter the conditions. If the weather really changes though, the easily interchangeable lenses are quick to swap even on a fast lift ride. Keep it simple, smartie.

From $129 | Shop

The Style: Flylow Brose Shirt

Fathers Day Gifts: Flylow Brose Shirt

If you’re like us, you may want to spruce up your Dad’s wardrobe a little bit. Father’s Day gifts are a great opportunity to drop some new pieces in there. Look no further than Flylow’s casual wear with this Brose shirt. Comfortable, classic, and cool, just like Dad.

From $89 | Shop

The Hat: Powder7 Trucker Hat

Fathers Day Gifts: Powder7 Trucker hat

The ultimate classic trucker hat, with Powder7 flair. Other hats come and go, but these will always be in style. After giving Dad the best gifts ever, top it off with a Pow7 Trucker Hat to really seal the deal—you are the best kid after all.

From $15 | Shop

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