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best summer adventures

Skiers—it’s that time again. Here’s how to survive summer.

Unless you just never stop skiing, like our athlete Owen Leeper, you’re probably on to whatever you do in the off season. Right now, you dig the warm weather. Ah, that Chaco tan and the smell of sunscreen. The trout are biting, the dirt is tacky, and the water is rising. And the barbecue!

But we’re calling your bluff—we know you’re secretly dying inside. And in two months, when you remember how much the pool sucks and feel yourself melting into the sidewalk on every bike commute, you’ll know it too. You miss skiing.

Escape the routine. Keep adventuring.

Whether it’s in your backyard or on a getaway, adventure is waiting for you. Last summer, we dispatched a few writers across the country to track down some of the best ways to treat your ski-fever. Here’s what they found:

best summer adventures
Vermont’s Kingdom Trails are one of the premiere mountain biking destinations in the East. | PHOTO: Tim Peck

Where to Toast Adventure in Colorado This Summer

Bike the Boneyard. Raft the Poudre. Hike a 13er. Then tip back a Colorado-crafted beverage to toast this wonderful adventure life. Read more.

The Best Summer Activities in Utah

Scrambling peaks, scoping wildflowers, mountain biking the Wasatch Crest Trail—Utah is like adventure Wonderland. Read more.

Things to Do in New England This Summer

Tim Peck writes, “Bitter cold and low snow totals during the East Coast winter breed stoic, hardened skiers driven by their passion for the sport. Then snow season transitions to mud and mosquitoes, which give way to the long, humid summer. These are the days that test us. Because we—obviously—would rather ski icy moguls and frost-nip our toes in search of powder than sit by the proverbial pool. Wouldn’t you?

Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do in New England to distract us from our skiing withdrawal. Read more.

A Skier’s Four-Season Guide to the Washington Cascades

Lily Krass writes, “If you’re trying to knock out a full calendar year of skiing, it’s hard to deny the Washington Cascades are a worthy place to be. But the Pacific Northwest isn’t just a skiing paradise.” Read more.

Hot take: You could keep skiing.

best summer adventures
Some of the world’s best skiers have arced powder turns down to Laguna del Inca at Chile’s Portillo. | PHOTO: Liam Doran

This little planet of ours can be truly magical. While you sweat through the hot months up here north of the equator, folks in the Southern Hemisphere have what you want: the wintery chill.

Later, Summer: Ski Southern Hemisphere Powder This Year 

Staffer Matt McDonald says, “PSA: Summer doesn’t have to be a sweaty blur of aloe application. Because, well, it doesn’t have to be summer. Ski resorts in the Southern Hemisphere are opening, and a few of them have already measured storm snow in feet. Down there, June means eager opening days just like November has since you were five.” Read more.

And while you’re at it: Fantasize about gear.

Summer is an excellent time to buy skis from Powder7. Inventory grows daily, and prices hold steady at their lowest levels of the year.

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Because we’re a bunch o’ gear dorks, we compiled brand previews of next year’s skis. So when 2020 stock lands, you can beat the rush and get the setup you want.

Read: 2020 Skis Preview: New Gear for a New Decade

2020 black crows skis
Black Crows put some serious design work into their new topsheets for 2020, drawing on work from ancient and modern artists.


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