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2020 Riveter 95: Icelantic’s Best Do-It-All Women’s Ski

By Allegra Waterman-Snow

Our Golden neighbors down at Icelantic unveil their best all-around women’s ski yet—the 2020 Icelantic Riveter 95.

Turning the calendar to March means its time for 2020 ski testing! New for next year, Icelantic adds a brand new model on the women’s side: the Riveter 95 and 85. Meant to thread the needle between the directional Oracle and playful Maiden, the Riveter debuts with ultra-aesthetic topsheets (it’s an Icey, after all) and a fun shape.

icelantic riveter 95
Arapahoe Basin was a great place to test the all-new Icelantic Riveter 95!

Field Notes

I tested the Icelantic Riveter 95 at Arapahoe Basin on a sunny morning that gave way to wind and clouds in the afternoon. Butter-smooth packed powder—my third favorite type of powder—covered the bowls of Lenawee Face and the stacked tree lines in the Beavers.
When I first checked the skis out, I was hesitant. I typically like stiffer skis (metal is good!) and didn’t love Icelantic’s Maiden on hardpack snow. I was skeptical of how the Riveter would hold when carving groomers and on cruddy snow. I’m not looking to have a noodle for a ski!



It didn’t take long for the Riveter to surprise me on-trail! It holds an edge really well and makes smooth and crisp turns. The skis excel in GS-style turns, which is perfect for me. They’re super fun to carve, and they’re also quite stable at high speeds.


Bumps and Trees

The Riveter didn’t feel like a ski that wants to zipper-line moguls. Its sidecut profile and surfy tips slant more toward open spaces in soft snow, and I’ve certainly been on skis that are quicker and more nimble in tight places like bumps and trees.
That said, given the skis’ massive amount of rocker and forgiving flex, the Riveter won’t beat you up if you get off your line in these types of terrain. They pivot well enough for slow speeds and corrections. One more caveat: I’m no Jonny Moseley, so leave room for a dose of user error.
icelantic riveter 95
Soft snow? Gimme the Riveter.

Powder and Mixed Snow

Woo! The Riveter loves to make long, slashy turns in the soft stuff, and it’s absolutely dreamy. They’re poppy and great in the air. Not heavy, not a featherweight. Those soft, tapered tips stay on top and keep the skis fun whether you’ve got a dusting or a foot of fresh.
10/10 would recommend the Riveter for soft snow applications. And the skis are made right here in Golden, Colorado!



Those traits that I love about the Riveter 95 do turn into slight drawbacks when you charge the ski into crud or sunbaked snow. It can get tossed around a bit. Again, it’s a soft ski, so that’s not surprising. And like I mentioned, I prefer stiffer skis. But I probably wouldn’t want to take these skis off piste on really tracked out or frozen days. Keep it on groomers when conditions are less-than-ideal, and you’ll be happy—if not riveted.


Bottom Line

The Icelantic Riveter 95 is a great all-mountain ski for people who spend half their time on groomers and half in open powder bowls—which are the two best places to ski anyway, in my opinion. For being a soft ski, it is surprisingly stable and carve-happy on hardpack. And the real delight? It maintains that fun and playful Icey feel in soft snow. For those of us who want a little more hardpack performance than the Nomad/Maiden lines give us, but still want to rip powder lines when it dumps, the Riveter is a great option to do both and not compromise.


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