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Alpine Soles Get the Boot

Over the past few seasons, boot and binding technology has rapidly evolved. With the rise and fall of Walk-to-Ride, it’s been a unclear what direction boot soles would take. In 2020, Dalbello makes waves by establishing GripWalk soles as the new norm. For the first time ever, all Lupo and Panterra models will come out of the box with GripWalk soles. With better traction and comfort, GripWalk seems an all-around improvement, but if you’re not sold, don’t worry — alpine lugs come in every box. Beyond boot soles, 2020 Dalbello Ski Boots will include brand new models and updates to old faves.

2020 Dalbello Ski Boots

2020 Dalbello Ski Boots: Lupo Series

  • Back country skiers are stoked on the Lupo Air 130.  Word is that these ultra-lightweight kicks are a true 130 flex, but Dalbello cut weight by removing the tongue entirely. A bold move by a bold brand. If you need a softer flex, try out the new Lupo Air 110.
  • The Lupo AX 120, one of Powder7’s surefire shop favorites, returns unchanged with new colors.
  • As the industry moves more and more toward the backcountry, Dalbello makes touring more accessible by introducing the new Lupo 90 — a softer flexing boot equipped with tech fittings.
  • Lupo AX 105 W replaces Lupo 110. As technical boot with a friendlier flex, I am personally excited to try these on for size.
  • Dalbello introduces High-Def models to their Lupo line. Specifically, the 130-flex Lupo Pro HD and 110-flex Lupo AX HD. The HD models are constructed with polyurethane plastic instead of Grilamid. The result is a more durable boot—but, on the flip side, it’s a bit heavier.
2020 Dalbello Ski Boots
The new women’s Panterras replace the best-selling Kyra boot line.

2020 Dalbello Ski Boots: Panterra Series

  • Dalbello offers a women’s Panterra line,  with 105, 95, 85, and 75 flex. So the Panterra 85 W GW replaces the Kyra 85, which is historically Dalbello’s #1 selling boot — including all boots in the men’s Lupo series!
  • For 2020, every boot in the Panterra series will have a 4th buckle. This toe buckle is specifically designed to adjust the boot last. Each of the men’s Panterras will range from 100-102mm wide, while each of the women’s will run 99-101mm. It’s a win-win, really. Bootfitters will be happy to see the 2020 Panterras accommodating more feet. Skiers will be happy they can adjust their boots after the liners inevitably pack out.