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Check out our preview of 2020 DPS skis.

Highlights from the 2019 DPS skis lineup:

The Phantom of the Tech Room

As we visited the DPS booth at Outdoor Retailer, they received a “Best in Show” award for their latest big innovation: Phantom.

dps phantom
The Claim: Phantom will keep your bases gliding for…ever.

Phantom is a “permanent base glide treatment” that is intended to keep you from needing to wax your skis.

How it works: You apply liquid Phantom to your bases in two rounds. The skis cure in the sun, changing the molecular structure of the base by permeating all the way to the epoxy. The result: skis that glide for their entire life without needing to be waxed.

Regarding performance, DPS says skiers won’t notice a difference between Phantom and traditional wax—except, that is, when they ski in some conditions that would normally slow down or catch their skis. DPS is thinking here of spring ski days in shaded areas, a specific case in which they say Phantom could glide better than wax.

The Year of the Cassiar

2019 dps skis cassiar
Big year for the Cassiar line

For 2019, DPS has refined their popular all-mountain ski, the Cassiar. Offered across all three DPS constructions (Alchemist, Foundation, and Tour1), Cassiars appear in waist widths of 79 (unique to the Alchemist version), 82, 87, and 94.

DPS has mastered making skis that are lightweight and strong, and they tinkered with the shape and construction of the 2019 Cassiar. The goal: make the ski stronger and more responsive on-piste. DPS has always made skis that love powder. The attention to on-trail performance rounds out their lineup and makes an already versatile ski even more-so.

Maximum Powder Surf

Another noteworthy update: the Alchemist Lotus 2.0, DPS’ 124mm-waisted powder ski, features a new flex profile and altered rocker lines. DPS’ goal: make their go-to fat powder ski surfier.