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Top Ten Portable Ski Snacks

(Updated January 2020. These ski snacks are timeless!)

I know some people find it tough to think of snacks to bring with them while skiing.

I’ve struggled with it in the past. There are good foods and bad foods to bring with you. Smashability is a consideration just in case you fall or push off a tree (you meant to do it, I know). No. Glass. Bottles. Another consideration is nutrition. Eating a Twinkie is not good for you nor will it fuel your skiing. Fit is pretty important. This can vary from person to person based on their chosen apparel but here is a general guide. Ratings are from 1-10 with 10 being the best. A low smashability is good, high nutrition and fit are good. Here are the top ten ski snacks with appropriate preparation information and ratings. Bon appetite!

top ten portable ski snacks
Pocket pizza? Yes please.

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  1. Apple good. Banana bad. Sure, bananas have a lot of great nutritional properties and can help you avoid being sore the next day but their smashability rating is super high. Try an apple instead. It is full of fiber, nutrients, and water. Yes, they are hard and round. Don’t go for the huge one, go for a smaller one. Smashability- 2 Nutrition- 10 Fit- 2
  2. Granola bars for a big punch in a small package. There are a million granola bars out there to nosh on. A lot of resorts hand out Nature Valley all natural bars. Some are covered in honey and chocolate. The general market of granola bars are not fresh and are highly processed. I find that most are delicious, not all nutritious, and you have to keep mixing it up to keep enjoying eating them. Protein bars are included in this category. You can hide these anywhere. Basically, if there is a pocket, a granola bar will fit. Smashability- 4 Nutrition- 7 Fit- 10
  3. Peanut butter and crackers for the custom craving. Cheese and crackers don’t stay together very well- although cream cheese could work. I guess anything spreadable would work on crackers. You pick the spread, and the cracker. I prefer peanut butter and Wheat Thins. You have to prepare these in advance and throw them in a sandwich bag but it is not too challenging nor does it take very long. An alternative is the premade kind, but those are super processed with transfats, chemicals, and a ridiculous amount of sodium. Take the time to pre-spread your spread. Don’t bring too many because the more there are, the more easily they’ll smash. Smashability- 4 Nutrition- 8 Fit- 9 
  4. Chocolate for your sweet tooth. I prefer dark chocolate which has more antioxidants and can help improve your eyesight. Carry this in small packages (or get single serving sizes) in the outside pockets of your clothes because you don’t want to melt it. Smashability- 4 Nutrition- 5 Fit- 10 
  5. Sandwich for a hearty meal in motion. Cian prefers turkey provolone with mustard & mayonnaise on wheat. I like peanut butter and jelly on wheat. You can smush the bread and it still basically tastes the same. To reduce smashability and carb count, use a wrap instead. They can be very nutritious  and filling for a ski day or they can consist of a line of Twinkies. Use your noggin and pick something healthy. Sandwiches go well in outside pants pockets, especially cargo pockets, or in a goggle pocket. They can be a little bulky but as long as you don’t take a 12ft sub with you, you can probably find a place. Smashability- 9 Nutrition- 8 Fit- 9
  6. Scone for the pastry lover. Let’s be honest, a muffin does not travel well nor is it easy to eat. A scone still has that floury, sugary taste but is harder and easier to move-about.  They are easily accessablie at your local coffee shop. Nutritionally, they rank low because they will not keep you full nor do they contain many nutrients. Depending on the size, they will fit in larger pockets. Smashability- 6 Nutrition- 3 Fit- 7
  7. Fruit Leather. I know it sounds weird but its quite tasty. You should try it at some point. Basically Fruit Leather is the maturation of Fruit by the Foot or Fruit Roll-ups. Click on the picture below to learn how to make it yourself. You can also buy it in health food stores. It contains a lot less sugar than its aforementioned immature brother. It tastes more like the fruit it comes from but retains its portability. These are also good to take camping. When you want the real nutrition of fruit but can’t carry around a basket of raspberries, try some fruit leather. Oh and the texture is weird but you’ll get over it. Smashability- 0 Nutrition- 9 Fit- 10 

    Click on the picture above for a recipe on making fruit leather yourself! Who knew?
  8. Clif Bar Shot Bloks for the athlete. For those concerned with ultimate performance, these might really work for you. Replace electrolytes, add carbs, and boost with caffeine. They are little gel cubes ready for popping in your mouth. As far as nutrition goes, I’m not so sure about the overall health benefits. Smashability- 1 Nutrition- 5 Fit- 9 
  9. Pizza for the less than active planner. Chances are, if you didn’t cook your dinner but wanted to stay in, you ordered pizza. If you have some left over, roll it up or double it up, put it in a bag, and jump on the lift. Pizza tastes great warm or cold and if you eat in moderation, isn’t that bad for you. Order from a shop that makes it fresh when you order (not frozen). There are vegetables, meat and/or cheese, and butter. Okay, it isn’t the best food for you but it sure is tasty and easy to carry. Like sandwiches, pizza can be smushed and still taste great. Maybe opt for something lighter for dinner… or more pizza. Smashability- 7 Nutrition- 5 Fit- 4
  10. Breakfast burrito for ultimate satisfaction. This is THE best mountain meal. You may fight me on it but you have been warned, I will fight back. With the scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa, green chile, and other veggies galore, it is a breakfast smorgasbord wrapped up in an easy to carry pouch! And if you’re a meat eater, I have one word for you: bacon. Sure, they aren’t the most durable or petite of delights but you will eat it quickly whilst on the mountain anyway. I like to make them myself but sometimes it is just not practical. If you’re in Breckenridge go to Daylight Donuts and get the Breakfast Burrito To-Go with green chile. It is SO delicious, homemade, inexpensive, portable, and it keeps you full all day long (no stops!). Smashability- 8 Nutrition- 10 Fit- 3
And one bonus snack…
Beer. It is both delicious and filling. It does have the tendency to make you crave a lot more food hours later. Smashability is not off the charts because it comes in an aluminum can. Again, NO. GLASS. BOTTLES. Beer really doesn’t have nutritional value and it is kind of awkward to shove something that large in your pocket. It rates low on the normal rating perimeters but high on fun! Smashability- 1 Nutrition- 1 Fit- 1


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