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A Skier’s Guide to Valentine’s Day – Women’s Edition

We asked six skiers from our Powder7 team – three guys, three women – what they would love to receive for Valentine’s Day. After a brief frenzy of gear in our warehouse and a fun photo shoot in the shop, our 2017 Skier’s Guide to Valentine’s Day was born. Here’s what three of the Powder7 ladies picked. If you’re shopping for a dude, you can find our guys’ guide over this way.

Kenzie, Mia, and Lauren show off their top picks for Valentine’s Day.


About Kenzie: Colorado native / 1st season @ Powder7 / CU grad / all mountain skier


  1. 1. “The Patagonia Bivy Down Jacket is definitely stylish enough to wear everyday.  The down makes it super warm and I love the retro/almost western look of it.  Of course the colors are a big draw too.” [Patagonia Bivy Down Jacket in mogul blue – $220]
  2. 2. “This might be the next best thing to being wrapped up in a blanket.  The Patagonia Re Tool Snap T Pullover is incredibly soft and I like that it’s casual and comfy yet looks a little fancier than a classic hoody or sweatshirt.  Once again, I fell for the saddle/burnt sienna type color, but the blue didn’t hurt either!” [Patagonia Re Tool Snap T Pullover in saddle/saddle x-dye – $105]
  3. 3. “This item is a little more on the practical side but it definitely has a lot to offer for a helmet.  The biggest draw of the Smith Vantage Womens MIPS is the 21 vents.  I am always torn between my head being too hot or filled with wind, making the rest of my body cold.  I can see how this helmet would finally put that struggle to rest.  Additionally, the Boa feature allows for a perfect fit and it is equipped for audio.  It was a tough call between the classic black color, but this pale green shade won out with the Aztec type design on the ear pieces.” [Smith Vantage Womens MIPS in Matte Frost Woolrich – $270]



About Mia: Massachusetts native / 1st season @ Powder7 / ski instructor / freeride skier


  1. 1. “The Smith I/O Women’s Goggle is ideal for when you want to see, but don’t want to be seen. The blackout lens provides optimal protection from the sun and the Smith Porex filter prevents distortion during changes in elevation which is perfect for Colorado skiing. Plus the women’s large fit is the perfect style for a female who wants to wear a large goggle and not have the large goggle wear her.” [Smith I/O Women’s Goggles in Opal Unexpected Blackout – $180]
  2. 2. “The Black Crows Captis Birdie is the perfect ski for a women who can find fun all over the mountain, it’s for the lady who doesn’t see a green trail as below her skill level, or the moguls for technical skiers only. The Captis Birdie is soft in the tip and tail allowing you to jump, pop, and butter, but has enough camber underfoot and edge hold to keep up with the boys. Everyday and every spot on the mountain is fun on the Captis Birdie.” [Black Crows Captis Birdie skis – $600]
  3. 3. “My least favorite excuse from my friends when they bail on a day of skiing is that it’s too cold. As a female who never says no to going outside, the Flylow Jody Down is great! It’s super warm on even the coldest days, but still has underarm vents for when it feels like 50° inside your jacket, but it’s 0° outside. Oh and don’t forget apres Bloody Mary’s, this jacket looks great on the slopes and also at the bar.” [Flylow Jody Down Jacket in Sangria – $350]
  4. 4. “The only thing worse than ski traffic is feeling like you’re still in ski traffic trying to slide down the mountain. Dakine Indy Hot Wax will keep your skis sliding fast and avoid the slow pokes on the hill; in the words of Ricky Bobby: ‘if you’re not first you’re last.'” [Dakine Indy Hot Wax for cold temperatures – $15]


About Lauren: Colorado native / 1st season @ Powder7 / Cornell grad / mogul lover


  1. 1. “I want the Flylow Sarah Jacket because it is insulated enough to keep me warm, but light and thin enough that I’ll barely notice when I have it on. It is also slightly longer than most jackets so the full coverage will keep me warm while I’m sitting on the chairlift. Plus, the Galaxy color looks great with my pants and helmet!” [Flylow Sarah Jacket in Galaxy – $280]
  2. 2. “Everything that I need to bring with me when I ski can fit in the Dakine Poacher RAS 26l! It is large and spacious and since it’s the woman’s style, it fits me perfectly. For someone who is starting to hike out of bounds, this backpack has everything you need to feel comfortable and safe.” [Dakine Poacher RAS 26l in Chill Blue – $200]
  3. 3. “I love Astis because they are durable and beautiful gloves that are handmade in the USA. As soon as I slide the Astis Galdho Mittens on, my hands are warm and comfortable and I feel like my outfit is complete.” [Astis Galdho Mittens – $145]
  4. 4. “A beanie is necessary for any apres outfit and the Cirque beanies always stand out. I would love to get a Cirque Aspen Beanie for Valentine’s day so I can proudly wear my favorite mountain’s name!” [Cirque Aspen Beanie – $29 other mountains available]


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