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2017 On Snow Review: 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 Skis


Last season Nordica amazed the industry with the resurrection of the Enforcer. It is currently the highest rated ski in Ski Magazine’s history. You read that right. Highest. Rated. Ever. Developed from the same Energy 2 Titanium construction and All Mountain Enforcer profile, the Enforcer 93 is narrower (93mm) than the original Enforcer (100mm).


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All you east coast skiers curious about last year’s Enforcer but wary of its width? No more excuses – try this incredible ski. Interestingly, the radius of the 93 is the same as the 100. If you switch from one ski to the other, you can expect them to carve identically but the 93 will have a bit better edge hold on harder snow and a quicker turn transition. The 2 layers of titanium provide excellent liveliness without over-stiffening the ski.

I was lucky enough to test this ski at Vail in mid-December. Conditions were firm, which was a great canvas to put the 185cm length version through the ringer. The day started off easy enough with a few laps through Northwoods. The generally mild blue groomers in this area gave me the chance to test the transition speed of the 93. I immediately noticed a difference from the Enforcer 100 – the 93 had more continuous edge hold. As long as I kept the skis weighted properly through the turn, I felt extremely secure and stable at speed. The skis’ stiffness isn’t overwhelming, but you can really feel the energy of the titanium when exiting the turn. Tip chatter was minorly present but negligible as I straightlined the last part of the empty trail. Overall groomer performance was amazing. A solid “B+”.

The 2017 Nordica on-snow test at Vail

After warming up at Northwoods, we ventured to Blue Sky Basin to hunt out some soft snow in the trees. This is where I was most impressed by the narrower waist. I felt like the arrow in that scene from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. You know, the movie from 1991 where Kevin Costner can’t decide if he wants to use an English accent or not? Just like that arrow, on these skis the forest flew by in a blur as I focused in on my line. Wherever I aimed, the Enforcer 93 targeted immediately. The cliffs off Pete’s were a bit rough as it hadn’t snowed in a week, but once we made it into the gully, it was on. The mellow slope and awesome motocross-like terrain was perfect. Pumping the bumps and blasting through the berms was the most fun part of the day. An easy “A”.

While I avoided the notoriously steep and large-moguled “Blue Ox”, I was able to test the bump performance of the Enforcer 93 at random points throughout the day. Most all-mountain skis in this category with 2 sheets of metal have fairly stiff tails which can really make bump skiing difficult. The rear end of the Enforcer was a nice balance of pop and stability. From one bump to another, I felt I was using every centimeter of this ski to its full potential. It was hard to tell the difference of the 100 and 93 in the bumps, so I give it a “B”.

At the end of the day I still had plenty of life left in my legs and I walked back to the lodge thoroughly impressed. The skis were incredible in the trees and very quick from edge to edge on the groomers. Perhaps not the best bump ski out there, the Nordica Enforcer 93 certainly maneuvered better in the bumps than the 100. If you are a western skier looking for a great hard snow ski for the frontside, bumps and trees, go with the 93. If you are an east coast skier looking for the ultimate all mountain tool, look no further. This will be the only ski that you will ever need.

Vail’s China Bowl is a playground for the Nordica Enforcer 93






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4 thoughts on “2017 On Snow Review: 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 Skis
  1. How would you size the enforcer 93? I’m 6’3″, 215, 37 yrs old and live in Utah. Looking for a new frontside ski with versatility and I am looking hard at the enforcer 93. I’ve heard that a) some feel like it’s a lot of ski so it could be sized down but also b) with the rocker profile it can ski short, so go with a longer size. Any advice on the 185 vs 193?

  2. Hi DB,
    It depends on your level of aggression and terrain choice. For powering through open trail or bowls, the 193cm would be best for your height and weight. If you do a lot of bumps and trees, the 185cm would be best. I ski on the 185cm 6’1″ 160lbs.


  3. I live in park city and canyons is my main playground. More oriented towards tighter specs than big open faces. In pretty sold on the 93…now just need one at the right price (wink wink).

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