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2019 Kastle Skis Preview

Highlights from the 2019 Kastle skis lineup:

2019 kastle skis limited
Not just one Limited from Kastle…but three.

Premium Brand, Premium Skis

Coming off two consecutive years of a limited-release MX ski, Kastle tees up three extra-premium models for 2019: the Proto, the Supra, and the Scala.

Each model incorporates carbon with white copper wires into the classic elegant, sleek Limited topsheet look. At 93mm underfoot with wood and carbon in the core and early rise in the tips, the Supra profiles as the most all-mountain/off-piste-oriented ski in the line, and Kastle even bills it as a lightweight, worthy backcountry option.

Why do the new Kastle limited skis look so dang cool? Woven white copper wires.

Narrower, at 83mm and 70mm underfoot, the Proto and the Scala profile a bit more classic-Kastle. Full camber with metal and fiberglass layered over wood in the core, both will offer the top-shelf on-piste and carving performance Kastle skis are known for. The Proto will remind skiers most of the MX Limited, while the Scala dials in the pure-carving side of the line.

A New MX

2019 kastle skis mx99
Kastle’s 2019 MX lineup.

Kastle’s long-standing flagship line, the MX, gets new topsheets for 2019—along with a new big brother, the MX99. The biggest difference between the MX99 and the previous MX98 is that the new version features early rise in the tips.

That’s right, an MX that isn’t full-on camber. The update makes sense, likely elevating the all-mountain/freeride capabilities of the MX99 without compromising the tech that has always made the MX great.

First Take from OR On-Snow: Our staffers raved about the new MX99 at the Outdoor Retailer on-snow demo. From Zack and Justin: “Wow, this ski rips! With early rise, it’s a bit easier to ski and more versatile than the MX98 was. Absolutely one of our favorite skis of the demo.” From Jordan: “This is the first MX that I feel like I can get into some trouble with. It absolutely rips, and I can toss it around in bumps and trees too.”


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