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The Ultimate Skiing Kit for Moms

Because ski moms dream about winter year-round.

Despite the sun shining and snow melting, we know our ski moms are still dreaming about ski gear for next year. Moms tend to say they don’t need the newest ski gear—still using her dated helmet that can’t possibly be approved for an impact, poles from when she skied in college, and ski pants that really don’t seem all that waterproof. She’d much rather the kiddos get the freshest stuff they are excited about. But, we know Mom deserves the best. To help you decide on a Mother’s Day gift, we’ve put together a fresh list of the best ski gear for moms. And by moms, we mean the badass ladies that keep the world spinning.

amy jane david dropping cliffs in the backcountry
Powder7 athlete, and dog mom, Amy Jane David dropping cliffs in the backcountry. | Photo: Cooper Morton

The Helmet: Pret Vision X

The Pret Vision X is a comfortable, adjustable, MIPS certified ski helmet. We love Pret for their comfortable and no-frills design. It looks low-profile, and has adjustable ventilation that makes this helmet work from mid-winter to late spring. Pret packs a lot of power in a lightweight package, thanks to their composite technology that is just as strong as it is lightweight. The upper visor fit works well with multiple goggle types, ensuring you get a good seal preventing cold weather sneaking in and fogging.

The Goggles: Smith 4D Mag

The Smith 4D Mag goggles feature the latest and greatest goggle technology. Thanks to the unique curviture at the bottom of the goggles, you get a 25% increased field of vision that makes finding sneaky rocks and navigating tight trees easier than ever. The quick release magnetic lens system makes it easy to swap lenses on a chairlift when the lighting changes. If you have a particularly small face or like a smaller fitting goggle, check out the Smith 4D Mag S.

The Jacket: Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex Insulated Ski Jacket

One of our best-selling women’s ski jackets, the Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex Insulated ski jacket is a versatile ski jacket that ensures Mom stays warm and can stay out on the slopes all day. Plenty of pockets leave ample room for gadgets and extra snacks for the whole family. The insulation is comfortable and easy to move around in. No need to layer extensively underneath. And, for its warmth, it’s surprisingly breathable. You can work up a sweat, without feeling like you’re trapped in a sauna.

The Ski Pants: Patagonia Powder Town Bibs

For moms who are doing everything from chasing powder in the backcountry to chasing kids around ski school, bibs are a stylish and practical solution for moms on the go. Full coverage up to the torso increases warmth and protection from snow on deep days. Bibs are particularly comfortable when doing high output activity, with suspenders keeping the pants up comfortably without needing to hoist them up after bending or moving around too much. The Patagonia Powder Town Bibs have a performance waterproof and breathable membrane that keeps you dry, from both the weather and if you work up a sweat.

For the ski mom that doesn’t ski: Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack

If Mom just comes out occasionally or spends more time shuttling aspiring ski races and freestylers to practice and back, there’s still ski gear for her, too. Cotopaxi has a great story and mission for environmental and social sustainability. They also make great looking gear that’s practical for an outdoor focused life. The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Pack is perfect for weekend getaways, or stashing kids ski gear on the way to the slopes. Loads of straps make carrying easy and comfortable, even when toting other bags or kiddos.

The Poles: Powder7 Ridge Roamer

Okay, maybe mom’s poles aren’t quite college-aged old. And poles don’t typically need to be replaced that often. But, if mom is breaking into backcountry touring or could benefit from a different size or wider basket for powder, the Powder7 Ridge Roamer is a great option. The adjustable length accomodates anybody, and the extended foam grip allows for a few differing options for holding the pole during hikes or navigating lift lines. The wider basket is perfect for making sure mom doesn’t get stuck in the powder.

For the backcountry traveler: Haglofs Vassi Touring GTX

Powder7 just started carrying Swedish brand Haglofs this year, and it’s quickly becoming one of our favorites. The Haglofs Vassi Touring GTX ski jacket is loaded up with practical and functional features. With Gore-Tex Active, the waterproof membrane keeps you dry in snow or wind storms, while being comfortable enough to keep on while pushing up hill. Strategically placed pit zips and pockets are easy to adjust with a backpack on. For the Mom getting after it in gnarly conditions for dawn patrol before taking the kids to school, there’s not a better choice.

The Mitts: Hestra Alpine Leather Primaloft Mitts

Looking for a warm pair of mitts that don’t look like lobster claws? Enter: the Hestra Alpine Leather Primaloft mitts. Made with supple leather and warm Primaloft insulation, these mitts work double time. They look good, have a slim design, and keep you warm. Mitts are always warmer than gloves, but gloves or 3-finger gloves will give you better dexterity. Check out the Fall Line 3-Finger or glove for warm glove options. Hestra makes durable stuff, so these will last as long as Mom wants them to.


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