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#Powder7TopDog is back!

The world’s favorite and most prestigious adventure dog celebration returns—Powder7 Top Dog.

The gist? You submit photos of your pup, and your pup wins you gear. We can’t think of a better way to liven up those draggy, sweltering August days.

Here’s how it works: You submit your best dog photos on Facebook or Instagram tagged #Powder7TopDog. Each Wednesday, we pick a winner, and that pup (rather you, the pup’s noble champion), gets shwag. At the end of the month, we pit the four weekly winners against each other, with social media users voting to determine the next Powder7 Top Dog. The ultimate champion gets a fat Powder7 gift card…just in time for our Labor Day Sale.

Sound good? Hop on Facebook or Instagram, and tag away. The more photos you submit, the better.