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NOW Snowboard Bindings: IPO Review

“The NOW IPO is a really fun binding.” That’s what you’ll hear everyone say. It’s super responsive and helps you carve deep into your turns. It’s kind of like having rocker in the binding. Now Bindings are inspired by skateboard trucks. You get good movement forward and back yet can still be locked in on top. Watch the video below to learn about how the binding works!

I’ve tried them on several different boards with different rocker profiles. The best response I had was always on a board with camber underfoot. I really like the stability of the camber combined with the “rocker” in the binding. I had a great combination with the Jones Women’s Flagship which has camber underfoot, rocker in the nose and a touch of rock in the tail. I tried the IPO on my Rome Gold which has rocker between the feet and camber in the tips but the whole experience made the ride feel super loose. I think on a powder day, having that loose feeling would be cool (super surfy) but I didn’t get a chance to try that yet.

This is the first year that the IPO comes in a size small which works for men’s US 5-7.5 or women’s US 7-9.5. Technically the Now bindings are all unisex. I recommend the IPO for women who need a smaller binding and are looking for a new feeling, all mountain experience. Now also makes the Select, the Drive, and the Overdrive. The Select┬áis a slightly stiffer binding for a more freeride experience (but still consider this an all mountain binding). The Select also comes with the standard highback and the high cup. What’s a high cup you ask? It’s an alternative to the highback so that you have more leg movement backwards. The high cup is intended for super tweaking in the park -think steezy rail sliding- and for an even surfier feeling in the powder. No matter what it would be a fun feature to play around with. The Drive is a stiff, big mountain binding which happens to be Jeremy Jones’ binding of choice. For an all mountain binding, I recommend the IPO or the Select. Let me know what you think!

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