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How to Front Flip on Skis with Owen Leeper

Time to stomp your first “fronty.”

Black sheep of the flip family or sickest way to get upside down? The front flip may not get as much attention as backflips—but plenty of skiers find it both more difficult and, arguably, more impressive.

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How to Front Flip on Skis: Step-by-Step

Known for massive airs and laid-out flips, Owen is one of the sendiest big-mountain skiers you could learn from. And while has massive backflips garner hundreds of thousands of views each year, his super-smooth front flips will also make your jaw drop.

So—how to “fronty.”

First, get used to the motion of a front flip. Practice on a trampoline or diving board until you can confidently bring the rotation around and land on your feet. If you go straight for snow, we recommend finding a powder landing!

Make sure you choose a jump that’s large enough. You want to make sure you’ll have enough air to bring the flip around. No one wants to back-slap or land on the knuckle of a jump.

With your skis shoulder width apart, be sure to pop off the lip of the jump. This is a frequent mistake; people often launch forward and tuck rather than pop to initiate the air and then the flip.

It’s useful to lead with an arm and launch off one ski. Remember: When you tuck for the spin, you’ll be blind momentarily. Wait for the rotation to bring you around.

See the sky, then look for your landing. When you see it, put out the landing gear and stomp.

After you’ve nailed front flips on a small-to-medium sized jump, practicing a dozen times or more to get comfortable, you can bring your new trick to bigger airs.

Got it? Now make sure you can backflip, too.


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