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best carving skis

So you’re sick of paying for health care and looking to make some extra cash in beer league or NASTAR racing. We get it.

Or maybe you just want to leave your friends with dust in their mouths. We also get that. And while we at Powder7 predominantly chase powder rather than charge groomers, we can appreciate a good frontside ripper like anyone else. Because “slow” signs are meant to be sprayed, right?

And the Best Carving Skis of 2019 are…

Pow7’s Top Picks

Stockli Laser AX. Why we love it: Stockli knows how to make speed demons that ski smooth and easy. It sounds easier to do than it is. Who it’s for: Never-racers who want snappy, fast groomer performance without pointless bulk.

Kastle MX84. Why we love it: Sick of hearing us talk about it? Find us a smoother fast ski. Who it’s for: The classic advocate of good ‘ole on-piste ripping.

Icelantic Sabre 80. Why we love it: Icelantic makes playful, poppy skis. The Sabre 80 is not one of them. At all. It’s a stable, edgy speed chaser. Who it’s for: Aggressive skiers who want a performance ski that looks way cooler than most performance skis.

Head Supershape i.Titan. Why we love it: Year in and year out, it’s our favorite ski for early-season hot laps. Who it’s for: Like to lay trenches and break speed limits? Look no further than the i.Titan.

We also love…

Head Supershape i.Speed

Head Supershape i.Rally

Fischer RC4 The Curve GT

Nordica GT 80 TI

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