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If we had a dollar for every time customers say they’re looking for “good all mountain skis,” we would…well…we would own more pairs of good all mountain skis.

In today’s skiing landscape, defining categories of gear can be tough. All mountain skis differ for different people. The powder-hungry freeride skier at Jackson skis the whole mountain on playful sticks with waist widths around 110 millimeters. The rad dad drops his kids at a lesson in the morning and has four hours to charge every trail off the summit quad on the widest skis he’s ever used—metal-loaded chargers that measure 93 millimeters underfoot. The Bostonian escapes to Killington to rip bumps, groomers, and tree stashes on 85-millimeter-wide Swiss Army knives that are the best “all mountain” skis he read about online.

So, to help you find your perfect “good all mountain ski”, we’ve named Powder7’s Top Picks for 2019 all mountain skis, separated into two categories based on waist width. And because we really love skis, we included some related artists—er, skis—to give you more ideas. Now go make your playlist.

Best All Mountain Skis: Narrower (80mm-94mm)

Pow7’s Top Picks

Stockli Stormrider 88Why we love it: It surprised no one at Powder7 that the Stormrider is powerful and stable on groomers. But the healthy dose of playfulness and skiability got us hot and bothered. Who it’s for: Aggressive skiers who legitimately balance on-piste skiing with off-piste exploring—and even tilt more toward the latter—but don’t need two sheets of metal.

Head Kore 93. Why we love it: The Kore epitomizes the industry’s slant toward lighter and stronger skis. The Kore could be the lightest strong ski we’ve tested. Or is it the strongest light ski? Who it’s for: Technically savvy skiers who don’t scoff at progress.

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti. Why we love it: It’s still as quick on hard groomers, but now it’s stronger. The kicker? Legitimate all-mountain versatility with tapered honeycomb tips. Who it’s for: Any Midwest or East Coast trail-oriented skier who gets a little adventure-y or takes a trip west once a year.

Nordica Enforcer 93. Why we love it: It rips. Duh, it’s got two sheets of metal. But for an aggressive charger, it’s surprisingly nimble. Who it’s for: Ski racing expats who have become true all-mountain outlaws—but still want to beat their old mates to the bottom.

We also love…

Blizzard Brahma

Black Crows Orb

Blizzard Rustler 9

Black Crows Captis

Dynastar Legend X88

Liberty V92

Icelantic Sabre 89


Best All-Mountain Skis: Wider (95mm-114mm)

Pow7 Top Picks

Volkl Mantra M5Why we love it: The redesigned Mantra beats previous versions in versatility, and it’s also more accessible for more skiers. We’ll stop short of calling it the paragon of “good all mountain skis.” For now… Who it’s for: As a true Mantra, the M5 wants to be skied hard by technical, aggressive skiers. But intermediates will be able to work it too. Read our review.

Salomon QST 106Why we love it: It’s lighter, smoother, and damper than previous QST’s. And way more fun. Credit a redesign that includes basalt stringers. Who it’s for: Freeride skiers looking for a ski to throw a new Salomon Shift binding onto and use for everything.

ON3P Kartel 108Why we love it: It’s a party. All-mountain freestyle performance plus excellent powder surf. The shocker? It’s pretty stiff, and it holds up in wacky snow. Who it’s for: Freeride skiers who like hunting big-mountain lines as much as they like jumping off stuff.

Blizzard Rustler 11Why we love it: We want to be on the Rustler 11 for the realistic powder days, when you score dreamy lines all morning but then navigate chopped-up mashed potatoes for the rest of the day. Who it’s for: The eastern skier filling out the wide end of their quiver. Or the wide-ski-loving westerner who hates making decisions. Rustler for everything—aaand done.  

We also love…

Stockli Stormrider 95

DPS Wailer A106 Alchemist

Kastle FX95 HP

Fischer Ranger 98 Ti

Elan Ripstick 106

Black Crows Navis

Atomic Bent Chetler 100

Moment Deathwish