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Author: Justin

Justin Reported to be between 5.5 and 6.5 feet tall, almost nothing else is known about Justin. When asked by government scientists, not a single person at Powder7 could recall ever seeing Justin eat or sleep--but several claimed to have observed him staring straight ahead, unblinking and motionless, for hours at a time. There's a rumor that Powder7 headquarters was built around him while he stood in one of these mysterious states. That rumor is true. Possibly immortal, Justin also enjoys tennis.

The 2015 Powder7 Gift Guide – Men’s Edition

It’s my favorite time of year, once again, Powder7 friends: the time of year when other people are obligated to buy me stuff. It’s a beautiful tradition, like Thanksgiving turkey, ski ballet, and horse taunting.* I had an unconventional childhood. If the onrushing holidays have caught you a bit unprepared, I’ve assembled some gift ideas Continue reading…

Defying Death to Ski a Shocking 100″ Storm at Wolf Creek

  Trip Report: “Hungry Like the Wolf (Creek)…Again” Let’s start with the givens:  (1) the universe is fundamentally unknowable; (2) time is an illusion created by our brains to find structure in the screaming chaos of existence; and (3) Wolf Creek gets a lot of goddamn snow. I’ve studied snowsports for years, my dearest friends, Continue reading…