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At the start of the year, Jordan and I sat down to talk over our goals for 2016. On a cold morning, over a long breakfast with a couple hot beverages, we talked over everything we wanted to accomplish, both at home with our family, and of course, with Powder7. One thing we kept coming back to, on the home and work fronts, was a deeper commitment to protecting our environment.

Over the past 11.5 months, we’ve kept our promise to ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth, taking steps to lessen our environment impact. At work, this meant arranging and ponying up for twice weekly recycling pick-ups, reusing boxes for shipping and monitoring our energy consumption. At home, this has meant kicking the thermostat down a few notches in winter, all but banning AC usage in the summer, using reusable shopping bags, winterizing our home, and, most recently, Jordan running his electronics entirely off of a solar panel that he puts out on our deck each morning.

…but we want to do more. And so we are. Today, December 15th, we’ll donate 7% of all sales to Conservation Colorado. From Conservation Colorado (via the OutdoorProject.com):

Conservation Colorado is the largest statewide environmental group in Colorado. We work with communities around the state to preserve all that makes Colorado an incredible place to live, work, and play. We mobilize our 14,000-strong member base to achieve our mission: electing pro-conservation policymakers to protect Colorado’s environment and quality of life.

Since our organization was founded, we have worked hard to fight for Colorado’s future. Our proudest achievements include:

  • – Ensuring that more than three million acres of Colorado wilderness will stay forever wild.
  • – Setting a statewide renewable energy standard, then increasing it to 30% and making it one of the strongest in the nation.
  • – Working to minimize impacts from oil and gas drilling by updating public health, drinking water and wildlife protections in 2008 and continuing to push for further reforms.
  • – Passing more than 130 different conservation bills at the state legislature in the past six years on a host of environmental issues ranging from water efficiency to air quality to renewable energy to transit.
  • – Electing pro-conservation candidates and holding our elected officials accountable in the state Legislature, governor’s office, and local government councils and commissions.

Now, more than ever, we realize the importance of businesses big and small speaking out on the importance of protecting our environment. In an industry dependent on snow and a healthy planet, standing idly by is not an option.  2016 was about taking our first steps into the world of environmental activism, and in 2017 we look forward to doing even more.


As I mentioned above, this is deeply important to Jordan and I on a personal level, and if it’s also something you feel strongly about, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at [email protected] If you’d like to participate in or show a nod of support to our effort today, you can use the hashtag #Powder7forColorado and/or #cobizalliance.

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UPDATE (12/20/16): We donated a total $2,744 to Conservation Colorado!