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5 Womens Skis We’re Stoked About in 2023

They were the best of times.

Winter 2022-23 delivered lots of snow. It brought excellent vibes. And, per usual, it gave us lots of fun womens skis.

After a full season of ripping around on steerable sleds, five of our women staffers picked out a favorite ski and talked to a camera about it. Meet Alex, Sara, Annabelle M, Lauren, and Annabelle C.

The best part? Each of these models will be available in the same construction for 2023-2024.

Five Favorite Womens Skis

Alex: Icelantic Nia Pro

The Nia Pro came back for 2023 with just a graphics update, no structural changes changes. Its artwork, which features the fireweed flower that exemplifies wild places for so many adventurers, is some of our favorite to come from Icelantic wizard Travis Parr. And its build, which was led by the members of the Icelantic womens pro team, makes it unique. More

Sara: Volkl Blaze 106 W

True to form, Volkl builds the womens versions of its Blaze skis with the same construction as the mens. The only differences are the colors and lengths. This confirms something that you, a shredding female, already knew: you don’t need dumbed-down skis. If the dudes can ski it, so can you…but probably better. The Blaze 106 W is designed to be the only ski you need for all of your resort skiing and/or alpine touring endeavors. More

2023 womens skis

Annabelle M: Salomon QST Lumen 98

Picture this: a playful ski that cruises smoothly through chop, bounces around bumps with ease, and carves well all at the same time. Sound too good to be true? Let us introduce you to the new Salomon QST Lumen 98. More

Lauren: Fischer Ranger 102 Celeste

The Fischer Ranger 102 is the middle-child of the newly overhauled Ranger ski collection. There are lots of stereotypes out there about middle children. Always forgotten, left out, people pleasers, the list goes on. The new Ranger 102 may be the middle child of this family, but it refuses to ski like it. Out of the brand new 2023 Ranger collection, the 102 is likely the most versatile of the bunch, with a do-it-all waist width of just over 100mm. More

Annabelle C: K2 Mindbender 106C

The Mindbender 106C gets a fresh topsheet and an updated construction for 2023-2024. True to form, it packs our favorite traits in wide all-mountain powder skis into one tasty looking model.  More


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