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2019 K2 Skis Preview

Check out our preview of 2020 K2 skis.

Highlights from the 2019 K2 skis lineup:

2019 k2 skis
K2 does some of the best retro graphics in skiing.

Luv-in’ It

In addition to a major boot redesign, K2 tweaks some of its go-to models on the ski side. The popular women’s Luv series features women’s-specific tech. Rather than just lightening up the ski, moving the mount point forward, and calling it a women’s ski, K2 rolls out a camber profile built to match female profiles and skiing styles.

To give the skis more rebound without fiberglass, K2 also incorporates flax Shockshield into the series.

Metal Touring Skis

2019 k2 skis wayback talkback
The Wayback/Talkback series.

Does a metal touring ski sound just awful? Yeah, if it’s heavy. But K2 rebuilt its best-selling Wayback/Talkback backcountry series by both adding titanal and lightening the skis up. K2 aims to have them climb like worthy touring skis and ski down like full-on alpine skis.

Versatile Freeride Options

The wider and jibbier skis in K2’s lineup—including the Pinnacles, Luvits, Catamaran, Marksman, Poacher, Sight, Press, Misconduct, and Empress—will cover the mountains with a rainbow of topsheets and the same on-snow versatility.

2019 k2 skis pinnacle
Ready. Set. Coordinate outfits to match.


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