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The Freerider Ski Package

Find yourself trying to find the steeps and deeps anywhere you go? You might just be a freerider. Always looking for little side hits, bumps and jumps, and powder hunting, the Freerider is off trail more often than not. The Freerider needs gear that protects them from the elements, while remaining breathable for long bootpacks and ripping big lines. We've put together the perfect full setup for the Freeriders in their life below.

Salomon QST Blank

Marker Duke PT 16

Powder7 Ridge Roamer Adjustable

Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN GW
Add-on Option

Julbo Aerospace OTG
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Sweet Protection Igniter 2Vi MIPS
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The North Face Summit Verbier FUTURELIGHT Jacket
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Flylow Baker Perm Bib
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Hestra Vertical Cut CZone 3 Finger

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Package includes skis, ski bindings, ski poles and ski boots

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Salomon QST Blank Skis

Construction:Full Sidewall
Rocker Type:Freeride Rocker Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Bindings:Not included. We suggest a brake size of 112-122mm.

This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

Powder7 Staff Pick Chase
By: Chase
Let's be honest with ourselves folks, most powder days we get to ski aren't going to be untracked, blower face shots all day long. Inevitably, the best snow gets skied off, and you're left with a little bit more chop on your slopes. Well kids, let me tell you about the QST Blank, a ski that I'm comfortable grabbing if there's even an inch or two of fresh stuff. At 112 underfoot, the Blank feels light and surfy in the super deep stuff, but get it in some chop and it crushes through it like it has two sheets of metal in its core (plot twist: it does not). I've skied this ski on an icy groomer day at Loveland, and in a foot of powder lapping the tram at Jackson Hole. It's wonderfully versatile and I rarely grab much else in my quiver. Don't think, just buy it.

Our Take:

Returning unchanged for the 2022-2023 season, the Salomon QST Blank remains a go-to choice in the big mountain category. With so many skis on the market, especially in the “freeride” arena, it is easy to drown in the minutiae. Too many skiers pop blood vessels in their temples debating several grams or, especially, a few millimeters underfoot. Thats why, unlike other QST skis, the Blank moniker says nothing of its waist width. If you must know, that number is 112. But the point is this: The athlete-designed QST Blank serves up an effortless blend of playful and powerful performance. Salomons new double sidewall tech, which features high-density ABS underfoot plus full-length sidewalls, dampens your ride and provides excellent grip on hard snow. This alone can make the difference between feeling sketched out on sketchy terrain and sending it. C/FX fiber plus cork damplifier in the tips and tails reduce vibrations and make for a nimble, playful, and slashy ride. The QST Blank is the rare type of ski that charges the steep chute just as well as it slashes the powdery wind drift at the bottom. With Salomon pros like Cody Townsend and Drew Peterson skiing the Blanks as their daily driver, these skis are likely to be instant classics. Consider them Powder7 tested and approved...and check out those bases! Similar skis: Nordica Enforcer 110 Free, Blizzard Rustler 11.


  • - Freeride Rocker
  • - Poplar Woodcore
  • - C/FX
  • - Double Sidewalls
  • - Cork Damplifier
  • - 2220 grams / 186cm


Marker Duke PT 16 Ski Bindings

This Gear Is A Staff Favorite:

Powder7 Staff Pick Matt
By: Matt
I am a big fan of this binding. I have zero reservations skiing it as hard as I can in-bounds--groomers, bumps, trees, big-mountain terrain, etc. And, at least so far, I have not had or heard of any random finicky issues with it, which is saying something for a new piece of technology, especially in the hybrid freeride category. Touring, it is obviously not the lightest option out there, but it isn't trying to be. I have not lost the toe piece yet on the uphill (fingers crossed it stays that way) and I also haven't experienced any excessive icing or snow clumping, etc. I promise to update this review if any of that changes as I keep using the binding.

I think the bottom line about the Duke PT 16 is that while it may be overkill for lots of skiers, if you are the type who needs it, you will be stoked. I recommend it as a mostly resort binding that's great for sidecountry and shorter tours...a perfect complement to a lightweight touring setup in your quiver that gives you maximum versatility.

Our Take + Features:

For 2020-21, there's a new addition to the relatively new category of do-everything, “hybrid” alpine touring bindings: the Marker Duke PT. Unlike the previous Duke, a frame AT binding, the Duke PT blends full-on alpine performance on the downhill with tech (pins) skinning on the way up. The result is a product that has been called the “holy grail” of bindings by folks here at Powder7 and beyond. Why is it such a big deal? Well, if you're someone who usually skis the resort but wants to also get into alpine touring, this binding allows you to only have one setup. Likewise for skiers who split their time between the resort and backcountry about 50/50. And, if you ski a ton of backcountry and do it with zero reservations and maximum amplitude, aggressiveness, and charging, you should also consider a Duke PT. Offering the same general appeal as the wildly popular Salomon Shift, the Duke PT also weighs in much lighter than frame AT bindings and regular alpine bindings yet heavier than other options on the touring market. Like the Shift, it's light enough to tour with all day and a no-brainer if you don't mind hauling a little extra weight in order to maximize your descent. Unlike the Shift, the Duke PT features a fully removable toepiece. Tilt it forward or stowe it in your pack for the climb, then engage it when you're ready to rip turns. It's a system that becomes second-nature with very little practice, and it delivers unparalleled versatility. Lighter or more conservative skiers should choose the Duke PT 12, while heavier or more advanced skiers will love the extra heft of the Duke PT 16. In this wonderful new decade, there's no need for most skiers who want to ski the resort and tour to invest in multiple setups. The Duke PT is a big reason why.

Brake Sizing:

  • - 100mm brake is ideal for skis 92 - 107mm underfoot
  • - 125mm brake is ideal for skis 117 - 132mm underfoot
  • * Underfoot is the middle number in a ski's dimensions. So a 135/96/119 ski is 96mm underfoot.

Marker Duke PT 16 Specs:

The Basics Of Ski Bindings:

DIN Chart:

Click here for ski binding DIN Chart & Calculator. DIN is a scale of the force required for a binding to release. The lower a DIN number, the easier a binding releases; the higher the DIN number, the harder it is for a binding to release.

Best Ski Bindings:

Click here to see our best ski bindings of 2023 list

Powder7 Ridge Roamer Adjustable Ski Poles

This Gear Is A Staff Favorite:

Powder7 Staff Pick Jordan
By: Jordan
I've been skiing with these poles this season and I am loving them. Let's start at the top then work our way to the tips. At the top, the Ridge Roamer has a nice slightly oversized surface which comes in handy when you are polling and feel like you want an on the fly longer pole. This works super well for those quick 1 minute pushes around the mountain. Next up, is the durable foam grip which is super comfy and best of all keeps your hands warm since foam doesn't suck away heat like the hard plastic often found on pole grips.
Next up is the adjustment mechanism. Firstly, it holds super well and I can hoist myself up on the poles without them pushing down. Similar for pushing the heel of my bindings to take my skis off. Secondly, this is largely due to the handy finger actuated micro adjust dial that allows you to get the right tightness without a tool. So, if you get these poles, push on them, dial in the correct tightness, and then you're good to go for as long as you have these poles.
Next up are the styling mountain themed graphics and the paint on these holds up well so the graphics keep looking nice. Then for baskets, I really like the powder baskets so that I can push in deep fresh snow.

Our Take:

After we built the ideal all-mountain pole with the Groomer Gripper and the perfect powder stick in the Powder Poker, we asked ourselves what could possibly be next. What combines the nimbleness of an all-mountain pole, with flotation of a powder basket? How can you transition seamlessly from different terrain and conditions with the same pole? Well, we here at Powder7 found a solution for an impossible task: the Ridge Roamer. By taking some of our favorite features from the Powder Poker 2.0 – an extended EVA foam grip for comfort and sturdy graphite composite construction – and transforming it into an adjustable version with fresh art, we think we created the ultimate do-it-all adjustable pole. The Ridge Roamer comes with both a smaller basket, ideal for skiing inbounds, and the powder basket for keeping your poles from sinking through deep snow. Easy swaps mean you get exactly what you need depending on the conditions. Adjustability is especially ideal for backcountry skiing, when climbing with a longer pole is more comfortable, but you may want to ski with a shorter length. Not to mention, our favorite pole art so far from Pow7 artist Sarah Beabout. When choosing a pole mostly comes down to your stylistic flair, why not pick a good looking one?


  • - Adjustable length 115cm-145cm (46 - 57inches)
  • - Extended EVA Foam Grip is comfortable and keeps your hands warmer than a hard plastic grip
  • - Powder Baskets give you extra push in fresh snow
  • - Designed and tested by dedicated Colorado skiers
  • - Steel Tip
  • - Graphite Composite

Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN GW Ski Boots

Our Take:

The ultimate one-quiver hybrid boot just got even better. For 2022, Tecnica redesigned the ever-popular Cochise line to bring more downhill performance and improve the uphill experience. We know, we know… can a boot really get better for downhill AND uphill? Typically, we'd say no for just about anything in the ski industry, as things rarely get stronger and lighter, but the all-new Cochise is an exception. Borrowing on technology from their alpine line, Tecnica utilizes T.Ride technology in the new Cochise, which redesigns the walk mechanism and spine of the boot to create the most solid cuff-to-shell connection to date. With a first-of-its-kind full lockout now integrated into the walk mechanism, the T.Ride technology reduces the rearward play that most walk-mode boots suffer from and ensures the mechanism stays locked even during cliff drops and impacts. Combine all that with a boot that now has 50° range of motion and weighs about 100g less per boot, and the new Cochise 130 has a strong argument for being the best true hybrid boot on the market. We've long been fans of the Cochise series here at Powder7, and the new updates to the Cochise only adds to that. Easy on the up, powerful on the down, highly customizable for an optimized fit, and packed full of great touring features, the all-new Cochise 130 has all the trappings of the ideal freeride boot for skiers who refuse to compromise.


  • - Carbon Co-Injected T.Ride Technology
  • - 50° RoM in Hike Mode
  • - High Performance C.A.S. Liner
  • - C.A.S. Tongue
  • - C.A.S. Shell
  • - Vibram GripWalk Soles
  • - Arch Grip
  • - Free Move Frictionless Hinge Point
  • - Quick Instep Construction
  • - Asymmetric Power Transmission
  • - Power Lock, 45mm Power Strap
  • - Spring Loaded Cuff Buckles
  • - Polypropylene Cuff, Polyurethane Shell

Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN GW Specs:

Width: 99mm (Low Volume/High Performance Focus)
Flex: 130 (Expert/Very Stiff Flex)
Tech Fitting: Yes

How to Buy Ski Boots:

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