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The 10 Best Women's Ski Jackets of 2024

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How to stay warm, stylish, and protected from weather all in one? Look no further.

Your ski jacket is one of the most important pieces of gear you own. A solid ski jacket keeps you protected from cold and wet weather, stays breathable when you work up a sweat, and lets you have a little fun with your ski kit. A quick Google search will reveal there are plenty of options out there for great quality women's ski jackets. But, how to pick just one out of the bunch? To get you started on your very own ski jacket journey, we've selected some of our staff and customers' top picks for the best women's ski jackets for this year.

Need some ski jacket shopping advice?

Insulated vs. Shell Jackets: Insulated jackets feature a built-in layer of insulation in the jacket to give you more warmth. Shell jackets are just an exterior shell of waterproofing to protect you from the elements. Shell jackets are usually more breathable, and allow you to customize your layering system more. Look for insulated jackets if you run cold or usually ski in cold temps. Shop for shells if you work up a sweat, or like to have more control over your layering system. Shells are usually the best bet for backcountry skiing.

Waterproof and Breathability Ratings: Most jackets will come with a rating on how breathable and waterproof they are. The higher the number, the more breathable or waterproof the jacket is. For long days out in wet weather, look for jackets with a waterproof rating of 15k or higher. If you ski in really dry weather (or hand-pick your ski days for good weather), you won't need as high of a waterproof rating. For high-output skiing (or skiing in warm temperatures), look for a breathability rating of 10k or higher. More breathable jackets will help you regulate your temperature better as you're skiing, and feel less sauna-like.

Curious about what some of the other tech specs mean? Read our outerwear expert's guide to waterproof and breathability ratings.

Best Women's Ski Jackets: Our Picks

1. Obermeyer Tuscany II $209.93

Obermeyer Tuscany II ski jacket
The basics: Blending alpine style with skier-specific features, the Obermeyer Tuscany II ski jacket is the versatile piece you need for the ski getaway you've been dreaming of. 150g Thermore insulation keeps you cozy in wintry weather, because Obermeyer wants you to spend your ski-cation on the mountain, not stuck in the lodge. A snap-away powder skirt and stretchy wrist cuffs lock out snow on deep ... learn more

2. Obermeyer Cosima Down $262.93

Obermeyer Cosima Down ski jacket
The basics: The super popular Cosima Down Jacket from Obermeyer returns with a splash of sustainability but the same amazing style and functional features we look for in ski jackets. The Cosima Down bundles warm insulation with waterproof and breathable fabrics to keep you feeling cozy all day, in all kinds of conditions. Snow starts to fall? The HydroBlock Pro keeps water and snow droplets wicked away ... learn more

3. Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex Insulated Jacket $549.00

Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex Insulated Jacket ski jacket
The basics: One of the top products we carry for ladies, the Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex insulated Jacket is a partly insulated, waterproof ski jacket that works equally well for big mountain freeriders and everyday skiers alike. We love this model for its versatility: highly waterproof and windproof Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft Silver insulation team up to provide the best of both worlds. Gore-Tex protects you ... learn more

4. Flylow Lucy $279.95

Flylow Lucy ski jacket
The basics: The Lucy Jacket has the stretchy, buttery feel of softshell with the waterproofing of a tough hardshell, a fabric known as Tactic 3L. While it has high-performance qualities, it doesn't look overly techy -- because you don't always want your kit to scream "I just climbed a mountain!" (Even if you just ... learn more

5. Mammut Stoney HS Thermo Jacket $224.95

Mammut Stoney HS Thermo Jacket ski jacket
The basics: Stoney HS Thermo Jacket Women. A perfect combination of weather protection and insulation. The jacket is made from 2-layer DRYtech™ material (water column: 20,000 mm), which keeps out snow and rain while remaining breathable. A detachable, three-way-adjustable hood, a concealed front zipper and splash-proof side pockets complete the weather protection. The synthetic Ajungilak OTI insulating ... learn more

6. Arcteryx Sentinel Insulated Jacket $850.00

Arcteryx Sentinel Insulated Jacket ski jacket
The basics: Built for freeride tours, but versatile enough for on-area days and off-mountain travel, the Sentinel Insulated Jacket’s warmth and weather protection helps you stay on the snow – comfortably – all day. Strong, supple 2L GORE-TEX fabric is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Coreloft™ synthetic insulation delivers efficient, effective thermal performance. A soft knit lining adds warmth, ... learn more

7. Helly Hansen Valdisere Puffy $319.95

Helly Hansen Valdisere Puffy ski jacket
The basics: Named after the famed Val'd'Isere ski area, the Valdisere Puffy Jacket is essential for resort activities or Apres style. When you combine your ski jacket with your town jacket, freezing grocery runs, and cold chairlifts are no match for this waterproof down jacket. The diagonal zip isn't just to distinguish you from the crowds, it creates better protection when the jacket is fully zipped ... learn more

8. Descente Joanna $564.93

Descente Joanna ski jacket
The basics: The Joanna is a short, classic down jacket in 20K /20K Lightweight 4way Stretch with non-stitch quilting in bright, strong colors with contrasting accents on the zips, inner sleeve cuffs and inside the hood. The front of the jacket is cut slightly shorter to enhance freedom of movement, and the rear is longer to retain warmth around the back of the waist. It has an optional real or faux fur ... learn more

9. Descente Iris $564.95

Descente Iris ski jacket
The basics: The Iris jacket is a new high-performance jacket in 4way Stretch and Satin Stretch fabrics, making good use of strong D-laser design touches. A bold, sporty design with a large DESCENTE logo on the back, and another on the front placket that shows what the zipper is opened. Fit: Athletic Fit~ CBL: ... learn more

10. The North Face Plus Gatekeeper Jacket $300.00

The North Face Plus Gatekeeper Jacket ski jacket
The basics: Featuring extended sizing and body-mapped Primaloft® isolation, the Women's Plus Gatekeeper Jacket will keep you cozy, comfortable and straight-up crushin' ... learn more

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