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Best Gifts Under $50 For Skiers of 2022

Buying gifts for skiers does not have to leave you eating Saltines for lunch. Keep everyone on your list happy, including yourself, with these gifts for skiers under $50.

1. BCA Slope Meter $24.95

BCA Slope Meter backcountry gear
The basics: The BCA Slope Meter is a lightweight multi-use tool for your pack. Designed with an inclinometer and a built-in compass to measure slope angle and aspect, this appliance is pocket-friendly and easy to carry with a lanyard attachment point. This Backcountry Access product has a metal ball inside a liquid-filled tube that measures the slopes angle when placed perpendicular to the snow. With ... learn more

2. Black Diamond Ski Strap $7.95

Black Diamond Ski Strap backcountry gear
The basics: The ultimate stocking stuffer! The least committal yet most practical skier gift in existence! We could rave about ski straps for hours. At 25 inches long, the Black Diamond Ski Strap effectively holds together any pair of skis, even the super fat ones. This gloriously simple, stretchy strap may be our most versatile piece of gear-use it to strap a camera tripod to the outside of your ... learn more

3. Black Crows Meta $49.95

Black Crows Meta ski poles
The basics: The Meta Pole is Black Crows all mountain, piste skiing, and freestyle pole. This pole is bright, light, and reliable you definitely wouldn't want to leave home without it. The classic short grip is comfortable and ergonomic so it fits and feels great in your hand. Updated with the Black Crows logo on the wrist strap, this pole is stylish and efficient. The squadron basket is oversized ... learn more

4. Apres Ski Apex Ski Earrings $34.95

Apres Ski Apex Ski Earrings fun stuff
The basics: Upcycled from Powder7's retired demo skis, these handcrafted earrings are truly one-of-a-kind. Their unique design exposes the sidecut of a ski, revealing its inner wood core while vibrant topsheets add flair. Their artful construction sparks conversation and winter memories. Whether you like cruising the mountain, shredding steep couloirs, or sipping hot chocolate in the lodge, these gems ... learn more

5. Powder7 Groomer Gripper $44.95

Powder7 Groomer Gripper ski poles
The basics: Welcome to a new chapter in the story of Powder7's ski pole line. First, there was the Powder Poker, the perfect aluminum pole for Colorado shredders. Because perfection requires perfect practice, it was born from both trial-by-fire and a vision of skiing Utopia. Now, the Groomer Gripper forges ahead, pioneering a new frontier in our ski pole revolution. While the Powder Poker maps your best ... learn more

6. Powder7 Skiers Will Ski $24.95

Powder7 Skiers Will Ski tee shirt
The basics: Skiers are a strange breed. They tend to spend more time thinking about sliding down frozen mountainsides with toys on their feet than pretty much anything else. They spend money on gear, passes, and trips rather than, say, saving it or investing it or buying fancy furniture. They prefer to deal in different currencies: hot laps, powder turns, and "woos!" They measure success in ski days and ... learn more

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