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Smith Vantage Helmet

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Our Take:

A household name when it comes to protection, the Smith Vantage has been around for a few years now and if it's not broke don't fix it. There are 21 vents with dual climate control to make sure you are getting the proper airflow out on the slopes. AirEvac2 helps exhaust that hot air from your goggles, right out of the top of the helmet. The SL2 earpads are fully removeable for washing or less insulation on those hot days, not to mention they have the ability to drop in Outdoor Tech chips for all your audio needs. With all this technology to add comfort and safety to your days on the hill, it is a no brainer that this helmet is one of the best in the industry. Get yourself a Smith Vantage for the season, and you will not be disappointed.


Q and A

Is there a goggle clip or something to hold goggles on the helmet?

Yes, Smith has the most versatile helmet clip out there which is actually a simple elastic rope mechanism that you can easily take on and off. The elastic rope may sound cheap to some folks but the truth is, it allows you to wrap fully and easily around whatever goggle you may be using. This is much better than a standard plastic clip because sometimes the plastic clips will not close around a hard plastic piece on the goggle and sometimes are not even integrated with the helmet structure.

I have a rather large head and most other helmets do not fit, will the Vantage work?

The Smith Vantage small, medium and large sizes, should fit 90% of the head shapes out there and are available in the full color range. Smith also offers a limited run of the Vantage in XL sizing at 63-67cm. These are truly just for the biggest of heads and we have found it is the largest when comparing to every other brand and model we carry. Most of the time colors are just black and grey.

Is the helmet warm enough or do I need to wear a hat underneath?

For 95% of the people out there, the helmet and padding will be plenty warm, even on the super cold days. Of course some folks just get a lot colder than others or may have bad circulation so they may want something additional. Just a thin skullcap underneath the helmet will go a long way, you should never need a thick beanie or anything like that. Since the Vantage is equipped with the 360 degree boa system, you should have no problem adjusting a bit to accommodate a skull cap.

What is the Warranty like on the Smith Vantage?

In our experience, Smith has the best warranty policy and they are extremely easy to deal with. Smith has a lifetime warranty on all manufacturers' defects. That would include things like moisture build up in a goggle lens or improperly functioning vents on a helmet. If you drop your helmet out of a car going 45 mph, don't expect it to be covered by warranty. The policies and procedures are laid out carefully at

What is the best way to listen to music in the Vantage?

Every year Smith has a partnership with an audio company that they recommend to use with their products. For the past few years, Smith has partnered with Skullcandy for their audio systems. You will see three options from Skullcandy that work with the Vantage; the Bluetooth system, Singleshot system, and Direct Connect. In 2016 Smith will be moving on to partner with Outdoor technologies which should have similar offerings, stay tuned. That being said, the Vantage does have zip in compartments that, as long as it fits, you can probably use a bunch of different products.

Does this helmet have venting and is it adjustable?

Being that the Vantage is Smith's top of the line helmet, it has the best adjustable venting on the market featuring 21 total vents! The Vantage has independently operated front and back venting that have three different positions each; fully closed, half closed, and fully open. Essentially you have a plethora of options for venting depending on what the day may bring. The Vantage is also the only helmet that gives you Koroyd honeycomb protection underneath the vents!

Can I use another goggle brand with a smith helmet?

Yes, nothing will stop you from using another brand goggle with a Smith helmet, although there are some definite advantages to using Smith goggles with Smith helmets. The main problem people run into when using another goggle brand will be gap spacing in the forehead area and improper flow of air. Smith sells their goggles and helmets with the promise of, "Ultimate Integration." This means now gaps and perfect airflow through the system.

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You are welcome to pick up your skis. Please note our business hours -

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How will my skis be mailed?

Skis mailed to continental US addresses will be mailed through UPS Ground. Expect 2-5 days for transit time. Skis are typically shipped by the next business day.

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Can you mail skis beyond the US and Canada?

We can ship some, but not all items beyond the US and Canada. Please see our shipping information here.

How will my skis be packaged?

Skis are packaged in telescopic boxes.  We have mailed over 10,000 skis with a 100% shipping success rate.

If I buy more than one pair of skis can you combine shipping?

We are happy to combine shipping and will ship the 2nd set for free.

Can you recommend a pair of skis for me?

Yes, email or call us and we will be happy to recommend a pair of skis based on your ability level, preferred terrain and other factors.

What is your return policy?

Please click on the "Easy Returns" link below.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

The skis we sell are in working condition when we get them but if you somehow receive a pair that has a problem then we will offer a full refund. We cannot offer a warranty beyond this.

I don't see the product that I want, do you have it?

We may have a product you are looking for in stock, or we might be able to order it. Contact us and we will find out.

Do you offer any coupons?

We have never offered any kind of coupon. For a full explanation of why, go here.

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