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Smith IOX Goggles

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If you need the biggest field of view possible, the Smith I/OX is your ticket. With a spherical lens built to bomb proof specs, the IOX is designed to last. Perfect integration with any one of Smith's world class helmets, and AirEvac to keep things nice and dry. The 5X anti fog inner lens and Porex filter, make sure you don't fog on the way up or down. The single pivot lens changing mechanism makes swapping out lenses a breeze when conditions in the high country start changing mid-day. Huge field of view, bomb proof construction, what are you waiting for?

All 2018 Smith IOX Goggles come with a Chromapop Storm Rose Flash, except the Photochromatic which includes a Chromapop Sun Black lens.


About Smith Optics Goggle Lenses:

Smith Optics Lens Guide

Q and A

What lenses come with the goggles?

It depends which goggle you chose. Each goggle is packaged with a set of two lenses. One lens is for bright light days, one is for cloudier days. On our website, we list the two lenses in the product color. If the goggle doesn't come with the two lenses you want, you can buy additional lenses separately.

What helmet does this goggle match best with?

The IOX works well with any Smith helmet. Smith designs all of their helmets and goggles to work together. The seamless integration allows for maximum airflow which further reduces the chances of fog building up in your goggles. Of course, your Smith goggles will work with helmets from other companies too. Its best to try on your goggles and helmet together to make sure the fit feels right.

How much bigger is the IOX compared to the IO?

The IOX is about 20-30% bigger than the IO. The field of view is only a little bit bigger. The real volume difference is the height of the goggle (i.e. it is bigger from eyebrow to nose). The IOX and the IO are offered in many similar colors. The IOX has a slightly different lens locking system which includes the outriggers (the plastic piece that connects the strap to the frame).

Do these scratch easily?

All IOX goggles come with a microfiber bag which is divided into two pockets. One side is for the goggles, one side is for the extra lens. If you keep the goggles in the bag at all times, the goggles will not become scratched. A helpful tip is whenever you stop to rest inside the lodge, place your goggles inside the helmet, lens down so that it is safely against the soft helmet liner and not banging around on the back of your chair.

Why are there different prices for this goggle?

The IOX comes with a variety of lenses. The premium lenses cost one price. The ultra-premium lenses cost a bit more. The ultra-premium lenses are the Polarized Rose Copper Mirror and the Photochromic Red Sensor Mirror. You might see some lower priced goggles because we have a few left from the previous season. These are still new, in the package, but they are on sale.

What's the difference between the Polarized Rose Copper and the Photochromic Red Sensor Lens?

Polarized lenses help cut out the glare on sunny days. Photochromic lenses adjust darkness levels automatically. Both of these lenses serve a different purpose. Some people love polarized lenses, some love the automatic darkness change in a lens. It is a matter of preference. There isn't one that is regarded as "better" than the other.

Can I wear glasses with the IOX?

Yes you can wear glasses with the IOX! They call it Over the Glass (OTG). There are cutouts in the inside of the frame where glasses arms usually are so you don't get uncomfortable pressure around your face. Most glasses will fit inside the goggle. The large frame, Buddy Holly style glasses might not work as well but it's worth a shot!

Should my goggles and helmet color match?

It is all a matter of personal preference. Smith often makes goggles and helmets that come in the same color (e.g. Mustard Conditions or Black). It can be fun to mix and match but don't feel like everything needs to match! Gear on the mountain is about getting the job done first, and personal expression second.

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Available Colors:

Black Chromapop Everyday Green
Black Chromapop Photochromatic Rose Flash
Black Chromapop Sun Green
Flash Chromapop Everyday Green
Flash Chromapop Sun Green
Moss Surplus Chromapop Sun Platinum
Rise Chromapop Everyday Red
Strike ChromaPop Sun Black

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What's your address?

880 Brickyard Circle
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When are you open?

Monday through Sunday 9am to 5pm. We will be closed on Saturday July 20th.

Can I pick up skis in person to save on shipping?

You are welcome to pick up your skis. Please note our business hours - Monday through Sunday 9am to 5pm. We will be closed on Saturday July 20th. Aside from CO sales tax, there is no additional charge to pick up your skis.

How will my skis be mailed?

Skis mailed to continental US addresses will be mailed through UPS Ground. Expect 2-5 days for transit time. Skis are typically shipped by the next business day.

Skis to Canada will be mailed via USPS Intl Priority Mail. Please allow 4-14 days for delivery.

Can you mail skis beyond the US and Canada?

We can ship some, but not all items beyond the US and Canada. Please see our shipping information here.

How will my skis be packaged?

Skis are packaged in telescopic boxes.  We have mailed over 10,000 skis with a 100% shipping success rate.

If I buy more than one pair of skis can you combine shipping?

We are happy to combine shipping and will ship the 2nd set for free.

Can you recommend a pair of skis for me?

Yes, email or call us and we will be happy to recommend a pair of skis based on your ability level, preferred terrain and other factors.

What is your return policy?

Please click on the "Easy Returns" link below.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

The skis we sell are in working condition when we get them but if you somehow receive a pair that has a problem then we will offer a full refund. We cannot offer a warranty beyond this.

I don't see the product that I want, do you have it?

We may have a product you are looking for in stock, or we might be able to order it. Contact us and we will find out.

Do you offer any coupons?

We have never offered any kind of coupon. For a full explanation of why, go here.

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