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This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

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By: Matt M
If you're out there making soul turns (pardon the pun), you won't find a ski that's more at home in soft snow. I've been running the Soul 7 as my backcountry touring ski for two seasons, and it has floated me near-effortlessly through trees, steeps, and big mountain lines in Colorado, Vermont, and New York. The claim to fame for Rossi's 7-series is that they're just downright fun to ski. The surfy-yet-stable Soul exemplifies this rep. That said, it may prove a bit soft for some. Ultra-aggressive skiers may want to look elsewhere for a bomber ski that will also excel at high speeds on hard and variable snow. Just don't sacrifice the powder turn prowess!

2016 Rossignol Soul 7 Description:

Put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the highlighter yellow sidewalls. This was the coolest (and only) update for 2016, but let's set aside the pleasantries and get down to it: the Soul 7 is awesome. And that is not just me, a random guy on the internet, saying so. Do you like awards? Here are some the Soul 7 has sitting on its mantle: Ski Magazine Gold Medal Gear 2014, Skiing Magazine Testers Choice 2014, Powder Magazine Skiers Choice 2014, On the Snow Editors Choice 2014, and Backcountry Magazine Editors Choice 2014. That is domination, friend. And the Soul 7 earned it by merging backcountry, freestyle, and freeride performance in a powerful-but-lightweight package. A paulownia wood core and Air Tip techonology shaved 20% off the weight, while the Powder Turn Rocker makes it super-maneuverable in tight spaces and surfy in ungroomed snow. Between that rocker profile and the 106mm waist width, this monster also floats with ease when things get deep. Smooth, powerful, and versatile for all-mountain slaying: the Soul 7 is your next ski. Enjoy.

The Soul 7 uses Free VAS technology: the perfect link between the Paulownia core and Air Tip. It ensures enhanced comfort when switching from one snow type to another by reducing vibrations, while making the ski easier to control and more stable, with a smoother snow feel.

Ski Features:
80% Powder/20% All-Mountain
Construction: Minicap Sandwich
Core: Light Wood
Camber Height: Low
Rocker Height:

2016 Rossignol Soul 7 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3640 grams (per pair for size 172cm) Learn more about ski weights