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Rossignol Soul 7 HD W Skis Now On Sale

This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

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By: Kenzie
After skiing this ski a couple of times, I have found it to be surprisingly easy to maneuver considering the stiffness. It feels considerably stable at speed with little chatter. This ski is definitely versatile; can turn easy enough for mogul skiing and floats on soft snow.

In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Emily

The Best Women's Powder Skis of 2019

It takes work to earn your turns. We do it all for those unicorn powder days. I mean powder in epic proportions. Some days, you hop off the first chair at the crack o' noon wondering where the morning went. Well, you had to round up the kids, tether down the loose mittens, dry the damp socks, pack up the pocket sammies, scrape ice off the car, finagle the skis onto the roof rack, and sit in traffic... That's a lot of work for a few hours on the hill. Not to mention, you spent the off-season prepping with weighted squats to build up those meaty quads. All this energy, this effort, is for powder: that blissful floating sensation, the stillness of the glades, and enjoying a truly quiet moment in a beautiful place. When that legendary powder day finally rolls in, make the most of ... Continue Reading

2020 Rossignol Soul 7 HD W Description:

Soul skiers spend much of their winter hunting for powder. And as far as powder-hunting prowess goes, the Soul 7 HD W is tough to beat. Long revered for producing some of the most fun skis in the sport, the Rossignol 7-series features Powder Turn Rocker, deep rocker lines, and light swingweights. Pair these features with the Soul 7 HD Ws wider waist width at 104mm and you get a ski that lives to surf the soft stuff while also being a great all-mountain ski, especially in the West. Thank the Carbon Alloy weave that dampens the ride and improves stability in mixed snow. Grab a pair, and spend your winter making the best soul-turns of your life. Similar skis: Black Crows Atris Birdie, Blizzard Sheeva 10, Salomon QST Stella.

2020 Rossignol Soul 7 HD W Specs:

Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3220 grams (per pair for size 156cm) Learn more about ski weights


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