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This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

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By: Zack
The Soul 7 has been possibly our most popular ski over the past 4-5 years. There was a complaint on the first versions of this ski that the skis were too soft and chattery. Now, the 2018 Soul 7 HD has carbon stringers along with Rossignol's all-new Air Tip 2.0 which provides internal reinforcement that eliminates instability for concentrated power and energy throughout the ski. I can tell you that all of this technical jargon made quite the difference. When I recently skied the Soul 7 HD at Arapahoe Basin- I had a day where I encountered almost every condition you could imagine and the ski shone bright in each scenario. Obviously this ski floated beautifully on top of the 4-5 inches we were treated with that morning. The fresh snow was great but being a spring day, underneath was crunchy and honestly, unforgiving. The Soul 7 HD was able to float perfectly over the top of the fluff but dug in a serious edge when you needed it. There is no metal in the ski but it sure does grip and rip like one that does. Groomers were great too- no chatter at all. I am 5ft 10in and 220lbs the 180cm is absolutely perfect.
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By: Matt M
Being a big fan of the original Soul 7, I was pretty psyched to hop on the HD version, which I hoped would ski with a higher speed limit and more stability on hard snow than its predecessor. I took the new Soul to Colorado's Loveland Ski Area. True to its rap sheet, the ski floated, smeared, and maneuvered with unbeaten ease down steep faces that were untracked but wind-packed and a bit chunky. These are the conditions in which a lot of otherwise-fun soft-snow skis get hooky. The Soul (still) doesn't, and the added stiffness helps when you need to bust choppy pockets.

As far hard-snow performance, the addition of carbon does stiffen the Soul and make for a more stable ride. They key is that it does this without compromising any of the skiability of the previous model. So all Soul lovers will be pleased, and the ski will undoubtedly convert some skeptics. It does still have a speed limit, though, so if you're a larger skier or ex-racer/hard-charger, you still may look elsewhere.

2019 Rossignol Soul 7 HD AT Setup Description:

100% redesigned for this season, the Soul 7 HD is now lighter and more powerful to offer the best fusion of backcountry and freeride performance for unparalleled versatility. The addition of Rossignol's all-new Air Tip 2.0 provides internal reinforcement that eliminates instability for concentrated power and energy throughout the ski. Despite this addition, the Soul 7 maintains light swing weight and enhanced ski control without compromising the loose, playful maneuverability and float that skiers have come to expect from the Soul 7's revolutionary Powder Turn Rocker. Combined with a Carbon Alloy Matrix, there is balanced performance from tip to tail and amplified energy, pop, and shock absorption that also increases stability and edge hold. The centered sidecut allows for easy steering, directing edge grip and power where you need it while the VAS technology helps smooth the rocker/camber transition zone to reduce tip flap in variable snow conditions. The Soul 7 HD is lightweight for long, fatigue-free ski days. Look forward to skiing on one of the most dynamic skis around!

2020 Rossignol Soul 7 HD AT Setup Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Full Sidewall

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