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Kastle XX80 Colby Integrated Skis Now Sold Out



2014 Kastle XX80 Colby Integrated Description:

Kastle and legendary skier Colby James West have partenered up to create the perfect line of twin tip freeride skis. Park and pipe specific skis had never been part of Kastle's brand story, that is until the partnership with Colby. This XX ski line comes in an 80, 90, and 110mm waist options. The naming of the skis follows the full name of Mr. West also. The 80mm version is called XX80 Colby, the 90mm is called XX90 James, and the 110mm is called the XX110 West. These skis feature Hollowtech technology which will ensure you get a smooth ride and consistent edge tracking. Hollowtech was born out of 30 years of Kastle innovation and it reduces the overall weight of the ski by up to 15 percent which allows you to get the fastest rotation and most controllable spin. The XX80 Colby features a low camber and was constructed to be playful, have finesse and work well in the park. If you ski mostly in the east or prefer carving to off piste skiing, this is the ski for you!

2014 Kastle XX80 Colby Integrated Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Traditional Camber
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall