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2016 Icelantic Nomad SKNY Description:

The Nomad SKNY is a ski that has more fun on the mountain than the happiest kid in ski school. This year's Nomad SKNY is back with the same specs but with a new name (they dropped the "RKR") and new artwork. The significant amount of rocker in the tips and low camber underfoot allows you to ski effortlessly in powder while still getting decent edge hold on hardpack. You could call it playful rhythmic perfection. Carving, buttering, floating, hucking, soaring: the Nomad SKNY is the ultimate in all-mountain performance. In fact, this ski excels in the bumps and trees. The 2015-16 artwork series is called Mountain Cultures. The Nomad SKNY features the mysterious Snow Leopard which represents reawakening and conquering one's demons. The Snow Leopard hails from the Himalayas, which translates to "House of Snow." Unsurprisingly, people who live in the Himalayas hold the snow leopard in high regard. The Nomad is guaranteed to keep you grinning ear to ear all day, every day. WARNING: Known to cause spontaneous tears of joy, random high fiving, and incessant hollering.

Ski Construction
Tri-Axe Construction
Carbonium Topsheet Material
Durasurf 2001 P-Tex Sidewall
Fly Weight Wood Core
20mm Rubber Foil (3 Layers)
2.2mm Steel Edge
Durasurf 4001 Sintered P-Tex Base
Icey Flex Rating: 7 [1= soft, 10=stiff]
Made in Colorado, 2 Year "No Questions Asked" Warranty

2016 Icelantic Nomad SKNY Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall