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2011 Icelantic DaNollie Description:

" Hip Hop is expression. A high energy form of poetry that invokes the listener to look at life through different lenses. Born from a need to express in an urban environment, hip hop has taken to the streets, providing an outlet of creativity, a vehicle to let your voice be heard. Feel the beats and listen to the lyrics. There are no rules in hip hop, except one: Be Original! Da Nollie is a brand new kind of park ski for the most progressive of park riders. This model contains Icelantics Nollie Flex Core, which features a powerful ‘pop zone that lets the rider Ollie, Nollie and butter the hell out of any feature on the hill. In an age where style points rule supreme, Da Nollie takes park riding to a whole new dimension. This fresh new ski is the real deal catch on now before it passes you by."

2011 Icelantic DaNollie Specs:

Radius:[email protected]