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Blizzard Titan Cronus IQ Max Skis Now Sold Out



2011 Blizzard Titan Cronus IQ Max Description:

"Deep powder and crud are these skis natural habitat. Blizzard introduces a new technology that combines a wide body structure and the integration of the new IQ MAX System to provide floatation along with a wide range of maneuverability. It also offers a new dimension of performance for freeride professionals who want to go their own way both on and off prepared slopes. The gods have reached out their hands to bring you maximum freeriding!
The concept of the Titan Cronus is based on the outstanding performance of the IQ MAX System. It stands for superior grip, a good balance of carve and float attributes and high stability at high speed."

2011 Blizzard Titan Cronus IQ Max Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Traditional Camber