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Blizzard Quattro 7.2Ti Skis Now Sold Out



2018 Blizzard Quattro 7.2Ti Description:

The new Blizzard Quattro 7.2Ti is for that moment when your mark in the snow becomes a moment you never forget, a moment that keeps you coming back, yearning for more. Just like the modern day hybrid super cars, the all-new Blizzard Quattro 7.2Ti offers you more power and agility in a lighter, more efficient construction. The Carbon Fiber reinforcement in the 4 key power zones of the ski deliver rock solid edge grip and stability with more energy out of the turn. The 72mm waist width transitions from one turn to the next with remarkable ease and the lighter overall weight will have you laying deeper trenches until the daylight fades. Reach for that next tooth on your buckles and make sure your helmet is on tight, the 7.2Ti is a force generating, gravity defying weapon of pure fun.

Ski Features
IQ Sandwich Compound Sidewall Ti + Carbon
Duratec Edges

2018 Blizzard Quattro 7.2Ti Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Traditional Camber
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Full Sidewall